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Unmanned Supermarket is Really Coming!

Jul. 03, 2017

In July 1st, the first unmanned supermarket in Shanghai landed 24 hours without any cashier.

In July 2nd, Shenzhen automatic cash collection, no checkout required throughout the process.

On July 7th, Ma Yun's unmanned supermarket was officially established in Hangzhou.   tools of fiscal policy ticket factura a controlador fiscal tax quality control

unmanned supermarket in china

Yes, a "destroy, destroy, destroy the cashier \ waiter" revolution, began to go forward with great strength and vigor. July 2017 will be an important turning point. It is a ruin for traditional sales. But, as a shop owner, they should be happy. Because they can keep up with the trend of the times, but also faced with the opportunity to cut costs and run stores more efficiently

unmanned supermarket


At present, a shop owner often encountered some troubles, for example, they cannot cope with a spate of passenger flow, processing inventory data is inefficient and computer network is unstable, etc. If these problems can be resolved effectively, it will save a lot of time and effort to do more.

Telpo TPS590 could provide convenient services for them, save time and improve efficiency.

Telpo TPS590

TPS590 is Android-based smart terminal, it integrated with the 1D/2D barcode scanner, 3G network, Ethernet, 80mm thermal printer. You can use the 1D/2D barcode reader to scan the goods, then the terminal automatic displays your sales report and automatic print out the receipts. You also can use 3G or Ethernet to upload and download sales reports, goods sheets and so on.

If you run a restaurant, retail store, logistics and other services, you will receive a customer's order by phone, SMS, email and so on. By using TPS590, Business gets easier. When customers make an order on your website, the server receives and sends orders to these smart terminal devices (TPS590). And TPS590 prints out the detailed information to you. Here, you will no longer worried about missing orders because of frequent work. Then you can save some money in hiring a worker to receive the order. 

Difference from the traditional combination of printer + scanner + a computer screen, TPS590, built-in thermal printer, card reader, and 7’’ touch-screen display, greatly saves space and cost.


unmanned supermarket

If you use a PC, the investment will much higher. Why? The TPS590 integrated with the battery, when AC power is off, you can still run your business while PC cannot continue for your sales.

TPS590 is a fantastic smart terminal for retailers.

Please stay tuned to Telpo. Also, look forward to meeting you at France Cartes Exhibition in November.


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