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What Are The Advantages of Using Touch-screen Cash Registers For Restaurant Merchants?

May. 31, 2018

As we all know, smart cash registers on the market will try to be close to smartphones in the operating experience. To put it more bluntly, it lets you operate the cash register as a mobile phone. In addition to using mainstream systems like android as the cashier system, you can also use a touchscreen on the cash register screen, allowing you to operate the smart cash register without a mouse or keyboard.

The Advantages of Touch-screen Cash Registers

For department stores, supermarkets, retail restaurants, public canteens, and other places, direct and simple touch-screen operation can save a lot of time in training employees to use the cash register. But beyond that, what are the benefits of a touch-screen cash register?

1, promote the overall image of merchants, the sensitive and convenient high-definition color screen can show more flexibility in diversified products, for customers to create a better environment to experience, better transfer merchant's image;

2. According to the research, the touch-screen cash register consumes 70% of the energy of traditional computers, which is more energy-efficient and saves electricity.

3. Save mouse, keyboard, and other external devices, simplify operation steps, and save time and cost.

There are many advantages to a touch screen cash register, but there are also points to note. For example, when used in restaurants, especially in the back kitchen, it is important to pay attention to the influence of lampblack, dust, high temperature and water vapor on the screen. After all, like to touch on the outside material extremely sensitive intelligence hardware, if hit by smoke and water vapor, accumulate over a long period, it is easy to appear the screen failure phenomena, such as the cause of failure.

The Advantages of Touch-screen Cash Register

Of course, this is also affected by the screen material and the manufacturing process of intelligent hardware manufacturers. Especially from the technical principle, it can be divided into resistance type, capacitor type, surface acoustic type, an optical type, and infrared type. At present, most of the touchable cash registers used in the mainstream market are capacitor screens.


The Telpo TPS680 Touch Screen monitor has a sensitive response speed.

Capacitive screens, such as the iPhone, were initially used only on high-end machines because of capacity and price. Now, as technology improves and industrial costs fall, many cash registers are using the same material.
Take the touch screen smart point-of-sale TPS680 of Telpo, which uses a capacitive screen. Its sensitive response speed is fast, support multi-touch, and single layer thickened tempered glass, high hardness, durability, long service life, the visibility performance u8nder the sun is also very good.

The Advantages of Touch-screen Cash Register

The TPS650 touch screen cash register has a dual screen display function

The touch screen cash register is the standard equipment for many businesses nowadays. Besides improving work efficiency, it can also make your store look more high-end and elegant. But when choosing, you should also pay attention to the features and product parameters of these touchscreens.

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