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What Is The Unique Of The AI Face Recognition Machine

Oct. 16, 2020

The success of the new product launch event attracted the curiosity and attention of many partners. It also reminded people to think about the uniqueness of the AI face recognition machine. What technology makes it stand out in the competitive face recognition market?

                                              What Is The Unique Of The AI Face Recognition Machine


Today, let us look back to the amazing moment of the launch event, and explore the specific configuration and technology hidden within AI face recognition machine.


Linux System


In light of the features of openness, multi-user, multi-task, device independence, rich network communication, reliable security system, and good portability, the Linux system is conducive to endow face recognition with more expansibility.


AI Vision Processor


RV1109 is a high-performance vision processor launched by Rockchip, an IC design company. The dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU and 1.2Tops NPU possess stronger computer power, optimization algorithm, and increased operational efficiency as well as lower power consumption compared with general chips.

What Is The Unique Of The AI Face Recognition Machine


5M ISP with 3F HDR and 5M H.264/H.265 encoder and decoder empower powerful image processing and display output capabilities, which is efficiently facilitate the accurate operation of the face recognition system.


What Is The Unique Of The AI Face Recognition Machine



NPU, also called the neural network processing unit, is a new type of processor-based on neural network algorithm and acceleration. Multiple advantages as it own, including low power, low cost, rich framework support, and rich course, and so on. Meanwhile, Telpo can also provide NPU software development framework includes Android NN API, RKNN cross-platform API, PaddleLite framework, API template and so on. More expandability can be created.  


Advanced Algorithm


The advanced face recognition algorithm has integrated face collection, comparison, recognition, attribute detection, human identity verification, and other functions. It can satisfy the development needs of most products in the market.


As the algorithm performance has greatly upgraded, it can realize millisecond recognition and effectively operate in a complex environment such as outdoor backlight and strong light. Importantly, it can support large-area occlusion recognition, dual liveness detection and superior image detection optimization algorithm experience.


Driven by Linux system and RV1109 vision processor, Telpo face recognition machine F8 owns robust market competitiveness in face recognition area with its stable performance and high-effective performance. If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us.

What Is The Unique Of The AI Face Recognition Machine

F8 Telpo Youtube link is https://youtu.be/IvkxV0jsqo8


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