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Why Self Service Kiosks Are Popular In Business Hall Nowadays?

Dec. 31, 2019

With the accelerated development of smart cities and the demand from consumers who require balancing work and family in their busy daily life, many operators introduce self-service kiosks in their business hall.


self-service kiosks in business hall

self-service kiosks in their business hall

People may wonder the reason why operators are fond of adopting the self-service kiosks in the business hall?


Improve Customer Experience


Self-service kiosks effectively enlarge the service time in business hall and provide a better experience for people who like to do things for themselves, getting the job done anytime they want even the counter workers are off work. In this time of fast-paced lifestyles, more and more people are finding self-service machines to be an indispensable part of life as it could guarantee financial services.


Reduce Delay and Stress


There is no doubt that automating processes provided by self-service kiosks make the transaction quicker and more precise. The quicker the transaction is, the greater the amounts of traffic that can complete the process in a given time frame. People need not wait for a long queue to handle their business, on the contrary, their time is saved and stresses are freed.  


Increase Operator Profitable


The self-service kiosks can handle a host of business and also cut certain time and cost while doing that when it comes to labor. With the machine is capable of coping with administrative tasks, operators could reduce the amount of staff required, thus saving on overheads.


Telpo Self Service kiosk Can Maximize Best Benefits

With twenty-year of experience in the smart terminals industry, Telpo integrates its resources and technology to design a self-service kiosk TPS717. People can enjoy a comfortable and pleasant experience as the industrial motherboard can guarantee better performance and insistently working.

 Why Self Service Kiosks Are Popular In Business Hall Nowadays?

The financial module inbuilt the machine to guarantee safe and effective operating bank card payments, top-up and purchase services from the root, and more payment benefits may people can gain from working at the machine. What’s more, it contains issuing and processing card function, satisfying various business requirements.


As the self-service kiosks alleviate the large people flow in the business hall and speed up business handing, it will be the trend of city life in the future.   


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Brief Introduction: Telpo is a professional smart payment partner who focuses on the ODM service 20 years. It mainly provides the EFT-POS, cash registers, biometric devices, face recognition machines, self-service kiosks, and bus validators. Telpo has served for more than 1000 customers abroad, including government, banks, Telecom operators, police stations, Retail shops, and offices. Telpo adheres to R&D and innovation, aiming to provide more intelligent hardware for global partners.

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