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Why Temperature Checks Device Helps School Reopen Safely? 

Jan. 20, 2021

As in-person classrooms have an irreplaceable advantage over remote learning, thus schools and higher education institutions worldwide are still considering reasonable methods to ensure students safely return to school amid the continuous COVID-19 pandemic.


Considering fever is one of the body's first reactions to infection, temperature checks treated as the effective tool in response to preliminary judge health status. Designed for touch-free measure skin temperature, Telpo mobile temperature checks device TPS530T offers a convenient option for checking students’ temperature and are widely used at school, according to the reported.   

Why Temperature Checks Device Helps School Reopen Safely? 

“When students arrive at the school entrance, they need to swipe their student cards to verify their identification firstly, and then detect their wrist temperature in front of mobile temperature checks device.” school authorities said. As the mobile temperature checks device is connected with the access control system, thus the only students with normal temperatures can successfully open the gate and enter the school, further ensure a safe and healthy environment inside the school.


Today, let’s take Telpo TPS530T mobile temperature checks device as an example and figure out why the temperature checks device could help the school safely reopen.


Automatic Temperature Checks, Reduce Cross-infection  


The temperature checks are designed to non-contact measure skin (peripheral) temperature without physical contact. It requires in and out people orderly queue and carries out temperature screening and registration at the school entrance, therefore reduce the risk of cross-infection.

Why Temperature Checks Device Helps School Reopen Safely? 

Accurate Thermometry, Real-time Voice Broadcast


With the help of cutting-edge temperature module and blackbody calibration technology, temperature accuracy can be maintained within±0.3range. Screen temperature data display and voice broadcast will be given at real time. If any fever person is found, teachers on site can timely conduct a second temperature review and further rapid isolation.

Why Temperature Checks Device Helps School Reopen Safely? 

Worry-free, Privacy Protection


Only measures wrist or forehead temperature and not relate to face, which is conducive to protect personal privacy and solve the problems of face information leakage.


Why Temperature Checks Device Helps School Reopen Safely? 

Unified Management, Data Monitoring


Temperature checks device can be installed at multi-channel gate to detect multi-person temperature at the same time and improve passage efficiency. As Telpo Cloud platform can unified management multiple devices, thus school can monitor the health status of students after temperature data uploaded, further stop potential infection risk.


Function Performance, Long-term Use


Access control, attendance, temperature detection, real-time temperature display, data upload and management and so on functions can be achieved in one machine, one-stop satisfy school long-term use requirement.


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