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Will Facial Recognition Become More And More Popular?

Aug. 02, 2018

Will facial recognition become more and more popular? The answer will be Yes, the global facial recognition market is in the middle of a considerable growth trend. A “rapid increase in demand for security & surveillance” as a key driver of the facial recognition market.

Beijing railway police in China has used the face recognition system to capture 141 fugitives this year.


Business travelers staying at Marriott Hotel in China can register by scanning their faces quickly with a facial scanner, Reuters reported.



"Your face will be your passport.” Sydney Airport and Qantas's trial of facial recognition technology for passengers is now underway. The program is meant to allow travelers to board their flights without presenting physical documentation: Instead, their faces would be scanned and matched the flight manifest, with automated terminals allowing them entry to the boarding area. This technology can also be used to facilitate automated check-in, luggage checks, and access to the airport lounge.



School safety is one of the top national issues as well. AI-driven facial recognition technology will be offered to K-12 schools in the US and Canada.

Thanks to facial recognition technology, AI face scanners will let fans go ticket-free at a London stadium. Fans of the Belgian soccer club RWD Molenbeek will soon be able to access their home stadium via biometric recognition. 

It can be seen that facial recognition is being widely used in lots of places and aspects.

However, where to buy the facial recognition terminal? 

Just contact us. Our Telpo is professional in facial recognition terminal. We focus on R&D and have more than 150 engineers.
Let’s take our TPS980 for example. TPS980 is an Android Biometric Facial recognition Terminal with an infrared sensor and face recognition camera. TPS980 front camera supports High dynamic range (HDR). Equipped with an 8-inch touchscreen, 1280*800, TPS980 shows clear portraits even in dark.



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