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Will It Be Appropriate For Airports To Adopt Face Recognition?

Nov. 11, 2019

As we all know, U.S. citizens have historically been processed at border checkpoints in-person. Earlier, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) were working with airlines to implement biometric face scanners in domestic airports. It triggers people's highly discussion.


Will It Be Appropriate For Airports To Adopt Face Recognition?

The CBP explained in a statement to USA TODAY, saying that facial recognition technology is being used because it can do so with greater consistency and accuracy.


The reason why facial recognition became the government's method of choice, rather than finger-print or another scanning, lying in it already had people's photos in most instances. Aiming to quickly verify travelers' identities, photo galleries are pre-built from flight information. Once a face is scanned it can be checked against the stored photo of a passenger. And those the photos will be deleted later.


Will It Be Appropriate For Airports To Adopt Face Recognition?


In fact, passenger's information will not leak out as long as the airport installs a legitimate face recognition device and properly deletes the passenger's picture. In addition, using facial recognition technology is conducive to passenger boarding and airport management.

 Will It Be Appropriate For Airports To Adopt Face Recognition?

For the passenger, face recognition replaces the traditional boarding method of showing your passport and ticket will better streamline the process. For the airport, this technology will make people moving through the airport easier and create a seamless travel experience at the airport.

Will It Be Appropriate For Airports To Adopt Face Recognition?

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