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Will Vending Machine Facial Payment Be A Trend?

Apr. 01, 2021

Do you know what is the latest explanation for the vending machines? Some call it as the common business automation device, a new form of commercial retail, or 24-hour micro-supermarket without time or place limit. As facial recognition technology gaining more popular, will vending machine facial payment be a new trend?

Will Vending Machine Facial Payment Be A Trend?

It might be too early to make a conclusion. But the development of facial recognition technology and deep learning algorithm indeed make vending machine facial payment become true and makes vending machine transactions more convenient and hygienic. Because it allows people to pay by their faces without cash or coin transaction.


It was reported that Japanese beverage makers introduced facial recognition systems in the vending machine and started a three-month trial. Customers could register an account by submitting a photo and linking a credit card. When the machine successfully recognizes the face, it will automatically charge the card with the purchase. In this way, it will allow customer contactless pay and faster to leave.


Will Vending Machine Facial Payment Be A Trend?

Driven by such inspiration and combine with the rich experience of producing the first face payment device, Telpo developed a vending machine facial payment solution with its latest face payment device C9.


With the advanced face recognition algorithm, financial-level payment technology, and 3D depth-sensing camera, it can accurately identify personal facial feature, conduct facial identification and allow people to pay with their face within a second. Importantly, it is suitable to be used in both indoor and outdoor scenes as it adopts metal shell that is good to dustproof, waterproof, and anti-static.


If it is required, merchants can obtain user consumption information through background data, analyze the consumption behavior and characteristics of members, and then develop more accurate inventory management strategies.


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