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Industrial Smart Controller


Industrial Smart Controller

Telpo TPS400 is a high-performance smart controller with rich interfaces, which is called the "AI brain" of "New Retail". 

Telpo Smart Controller has a compact ingenious design and Quad-core 1.8Ghz CPU, 

making it easily run the complicated programs in the new retail and provide the smart IoT service. 

Industrial Smart Controller

Telpo smart industrial controller TPS400

 can establish high-speed and stable data transmission channels for unmanned retail stores, vending machines, etc., and transmit all goods sales information to enterprise servers for business analysis and optimization management.

Specific Features :

• High performance - integrated quad-core CPU, stable performance;

• Versatile - able to control intelligent hardware such as self-service locker, access control, camera, video screen;

 Strong communication - support WIFI, Bluetooth, 4G (optional) and other communication functions

• Good quality - full-metal casing, shockproof and drop resistant, ensuring system safety isolation, life-saving for new retail protection

• Rich interfaces - rich interface design to meet the needs of multiple industries

TPS400 Industrial Smart Controller

Telpo TPS400 uses RK motherboard solution, featured with quad-core CPU processor, and 8G flash memory. 

Industrial Smart Controller

Telpo smart industrial computer TPS400 integrates rich peripheral interfaces to meet the access requirements of different machine. It can support self-service pick-up machines, self-service kiosk machines, access control, interaction TV screens, etc. More interfaces can be customized.

Industrial Smart Controller

Telpo smart industrial computer TPS400 is a compact, low-power smart host that saves space compared to desktop mainframes. It supports wall-mount, rack-mount, desktop, and embedded installations.

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Industrial Smart Controller

Telpo industrial PC smart controller TPS400 product real shot. Look at the quality through the details. TPS400 is small and convenient. The size of the size is 202x110x29mm, and the small body contains a large body. TPS400 is the "AI brain" of the unmanned retail super brain.

Industrial Smart Controller

Good Helper of New Retail

Serves for the smart pick-up machines, smart advertising machines, smart access control, unmanned cash registers, smart cameras, etc.

1. Realize 3G/4G wireless networking of vending machines, so that they have stable communication capabilities.

2. Real-time secure transmission of data such as inventory quantity and payment information of vending machines.

3. Realize the remote control operation of the vending machine switch and adjust the commodity price.

4. Realize remote real-time monitoring of the running status of routers and vending machines.

5. To achieve remote fault diagnosis, accurate alarms, remote repair of communication faults.

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Wide range of application scenarios

Expands for smart finance, smart healthcare, smart catering, smart travel, smart entertainment, smart security, and other industries.

TPS400 Industrial Smart Controller


OSAndroid 5.1 or above
ProcessQuad-Core 1.6GHz
Memory2GB DDR, 16GB eMMC, Ext. TF card slot
    LTE/WCDMA/GPRS (Optional)
Peripheral Ports4 USB, 1 micro USB, 4 RS232, 1 RJ45, 1 HDMI, 2 SMA, 1 Audio Jack
Power Supply12V/3A
Dimensions (mm)202 (L)*110 (W)*29 (H)
EnvironmentalOperating temperature: -5℃   ~ 45℃
    Storage temperature: -25℃ ~ 60℃
MDM (Optional)Mobile Device Management
Reserve the right to change the parameters without prior notice.


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