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Digital Health Pass

Digital Vaccine PassportDigital Vaccine Passport

The United Kingdom, Singapore, India, and other countries governments and institutions start to implement the digital "Green Passes"- or Digital Health Passport. Based on the successful case of the "health code" solution in China, Telpo has proposed our "health passport" inspection solution.

proces of digital Health Pass control

The whole process is simple, with only 4 steps. Efficient digital Health Pass control, enhance the uniqueness and accuracy of health tracking and reduce manual entry errors.

Telpo Digital Vaccine Passport smart terminal

Telpo Digital Health Passport Family

A series of smart terminals support the reading of mobile QR codes, and a variety of products shape can provide all kinds of digital verification applications for efficiently reading Health Pass/Green Pass/Digital Vaccine Passports in multiple scenarios. 

Advantages of Digital Vaccine Passport

The Advantages of Our Solution

1. Diversity. Diversified products to meet a variety of customer needs.

2. Versatility. In addition to QR code recognition, mask recognition and temperature check are also available.

3. Easy to install. A variety of brackets are available, and instructions and video tutorials are provided.

4. Multi-scene. Indoor and outdoor, government, retail catering, covering a variety of scenarios.

Masked face and Digital Health Pass Device

Digital Health Pass DeviceF8 

QR code+Masked Face Recognition Terminal 

1. IR+VL Face Recognition+ super anti-fake performance

2.  Support QR code, SIP Viode Intercom, RFID card

3.  Suitable for indoor and outdoor Scene with IP65 rating

Digital Vaccine Passport Health Pass Device

TPS980T Digital Health Pass Device

QR-code+Temperature Measurement Terminal

1. Android OS +high performance chip+Large memory 

2. Contactless thermometry+ mask detection + face recognition+ high temperature alert.

3. Support QR code, and RFID card

Digital Vaccine Passport QR Code Scanner


Digital Vaccine Passport Code Scanner

1.Automatic QR code recognition, reduce personnel infection

2.Screen+ voice+ indicator light triple remind vaccine injection status

3.58mm width printer for printing verification results 

4.NFC card Reader

Vaccine Passport Verification Terminal Dual SCREEN


Dual Screen Vaccine Passport Verification Terminal

1. Dual 10-inch screens display different information 

2. The camera assembly can be rotated to 180° and recognize QR-code and faces

3. Built-in NFC module supports mainstream chip card reading

Mobile Vaccine Passport Verification Terminal TPS350T


Mobile Vaccine Passport Verification Terminal

1. Camera for vaccine passport scanning. 

2. Non-contact temperature measurement + voice prompt + high-temperature alarm

3. Paperless + visualization + cloud temperature management

Services of Telpo Digital Vaccine Passport

More Service

Smart device supplier Telpo can provide Telpo Cloud, Customization, secondary development packages, Technical Support that customers need.

Applications of Digital Vaccine Passport solution

More Application Scenarios

Digitization, smart and safe access control 

in School, Exhibition, Customs Check-in, Shopping malls, Restaurants, Hotels

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Technical support

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Technical support

Technical Support

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