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Governments require dependable identification systems for national security and to prevent fraud. Biometric technology is usually combined with eID solution, to accurately authenticate valid eID, including national ID card, passport, voter ID, driver license, etc.


At the same time, biometrics is the most significant method for eID. Keeping eID record with accuracy is not an easy task, especially for countries with a large population. So combination with an ID number and biometric feature becomes important.


[Telpo Solution]

The government requires strong, multi-factor and safety authentications with eID solution, which requires many types of security method to verify. For citizen ID cards, the terminal should be able to read card information and get the biometric feature to compare. For driver card, sometimes terminal should be able to read card and barcode on a card. For passport, the terminal should be able to read a person’s information via MSR or RFID. For voting, the terminal should be able to enroll voter’s information and make the comparison, and also generate ballot to ticket box.


Telpo provides various types of eID devices to support different requirements. For the product modality, there are handheld devices, tablet devices, countertop devices, wall-mounted devices, etc.




Mobile Biometric DevicePortable Biometric TabletDesktop Biometric Device
Mobile fingerprint reader for ID enrollment and verificationFixed or Mobile Tablet for ID enrollment and verification, with Fingerprint recognition and Iris recognition.Installed in the desktop for ID enrollment and verification, by the facial recognition technology.

Telpo devices not only support biometric but also support card reader and passport reader to read eID cards. For example, some ID cards are contact smart cards and some are contactless cards. What’s more, Telpo devices supports a camera to take a photo of eID cards and persons’ faces.


At the same time, Telpo Cloud helps the customer to manage biometric devices at any time and any place. You’re not alone, Telpo Cloud will stay with us all the time. 


[Telpo Strength]

Professional in ODM.

With 150+ engineer team and near 20 years of technical experience, Telpo has experience for more than 300+ ODM projects.


Flexible Configuration.

Telpo products support various functions, such as fingerprint, iris, face, smart card reader, contactless card reader, passport reader, printer, 3G/4G communication, etc. The customer could prefer standard functions and optional functions according to project requirements.


Strong Protection

eID project is usually a government project or police project, terminals are required to be a strong project. Telpo project is designed as IP protection (water-proof, dust-proof, drop-proof), some products are IP67. Also, rubber cases could be stronger protection for devices.

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