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Face Recognition

Face Recognition

Compared with traditional recognition methods such as ID card and fingerprint recognition, facial recognition has the advantages of biological uniqueness, non-contact and simplicity etc., which have been rapidly permeated into all walks of life in recent years.

In the scenes of access control, time attendance, VIP identification, etc., facial recognition can not only improve security and intelligent management. And the facial recognition terminal with display screen can quickly feedback in real time through the HD screen and has great advantages in terms of interactivity and timeliness.

What is Face Recognition?

Facial recognition is a biometric software application capable of uniquely identifying or verifying a person by comparing and analyzing patterns based on the person's facial contours.

Face Recognition

Why Face Recognition?

Face Recognition

Face RecognitionFace RecognitionFace Recognition
Biological UniquenessSecure



Facial features are unique, natural and


High precision and a high cost of 


Face image can be captured from a 

distance and analyzed without 


The process of face recognition is very 

simple for everyone.

Why Telpo Face Recognition?

Telpo is able to provide professional advice for its customers on selecting suitable biometric devices for their projects. SDKs and Security SaaS cloud, Telpo Face can be provided. Telpo is an experienced smart terminals providers with a group of over 800 employees, covering the R&D, QC, Marketing, manufacturing, etc.


Most Popular Products

Face Recognition

Features of TPS980:

  • Offline & Online Face Recognition

Support 1:1 verification and 1: N recognition, white/ black list management

  • Liveness Detection

The system supports both active and non-intrusive methods for liveness detection.

  • Smart Awake

With the infrared sensor, the App can be awakened automatically and face recognition.

  • Super Strong Expansion

Multiple interfaces are reserved to meet the needs of gates, access control, etc., and realize seamless import quickly.

  • Front-end Management

Through the front-end management APP, administrators can directly add face data and view recognition records.

  • Back-end Management

Through the back-end management platform, you can increase the face data in batches and generate the recognition record report.

Face Recognition


Security SaaS Cloud

Telpo Face is a lightweight and easy-to-use facial recognition Security SaaS cloud that can be used as a community attendance management system, corporate office access control system, etc. 

Face Recognition

Telpo "could+end" provides a good and security face recognition system in all kinds of applications.

Face Recognition

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