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Temperature Measurement

Regular epidemic prevention has become a necessary measure for people to resume their daily life and work steadily. 

How to realize high-efficient and orderly temperature inspection in the resumption of works and schools 

has become an urgent problem in the current market. 

In order to satisfy temperature detection in various scenes requirement, 

Telpo has released an electronic thermometry product with different product modality. 

Temperature Measurement solution

Temperature Measurement solution

Telpo temperature measurement solution can be used for different applications, such as employee attendance and access control, 

student health check, passenger fever detection, visitor registration, customer temperature testing, etc.

electronic Temperature MeasurementTemperature MeasurementTemperature Measurement solutionTemperature Measurement solution

Telpo provides the offline, online Telpo Cloud version, 

and Telpo Middleware version for different development requirements.

All in one Temperature Detection Solution

Temperature Measurement

Temperature MeasurementTemperature MeasurementTemperature Measurementelectronic Temperature Measurement Products Solution

All in one Temperature Detection Solution

Offline Solution
Online SolutionTelpo middleware

The offline solution contains hardware, software, and algorithm, which supports face image input, temperature detection, access control, and other functions.



1. It can be used immediately even without network 

2. It is the most economical one as it does not require platform server 

3. No technical staffs required 

4. It is applicable to small enterprises, buildings and other access control attendance scene 

5. Support interface native language customization 

6. Completely protect data private

The online solution includes hardware, software, algorithm, and platform, which supports face image input, temperature detection, access control, data statistics, terminal and server bidirectional synchronization picture, and other functions.



1. Support public server and independent deployment version 

2. Support big data and multi-machines synchronous update 

3. Access control data and attendance data can be clearly checked 

     4. Support software and platform local language customization, platform logo, and domain name customization 

     5. Independent deployment version can perfectly protect customer privacy

Telpo Middleware is a kind of intermediate connection software that can perfectly connect two different systems through middleware.


1. Telpo middleware can be independently deployed on client-server to ensure data security. 

2. In virtue of middleware, it can seamlessly connect with the client's existing system and realize the connection between the Telpo face platform and the client's system.

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