TPS530-Bus Ticket Validator
TPS530-Bus Ticket Validator
TPS530-Bus Ticket Validator
TPS530-Bus Ticket Validator

Ticket Validator

TPS530 Features

Public Transportation Fare Collection machine (FCM) TPS530 can be installed in the buses for multi-purpose functions such as calculating travel expenses, and deducting the bus fare, and display the card charge and the remaining charge
🔸5-inch display (touch/ original display), rich port (DC\RS485\RS232, USB, Micro USB)
🔸QR code hard decoding or OCR camera ensures super-fast recognition speed
🔸NFC payment, financial NFC is supported with a certificate, open loop EMV card/closed loop tickets
🔸2SIM 2PSAM, with maximum 8PSAM, 64GB TF card, fix different cards question
🔸GPS positioning function assists in real-time tracking vehicles


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New Validator T20 Multi-ticketing validator

NFC Fare Collection

Built in NFC payment module is compliance with the EMV Contactless L1&L2, Paypass, Paywave certificates. And support Desfire EV1~EV3.
TPS530 Validator NFC Fare Collection

Mobile QR-Code Reader

QR code scanning window adopts bevel design and supports OCR camera, hard decoding reader (option),providing users ultra-fast scanning experience.
TPS530 Validator with Mobile QR-Code Reader
TPS530 Validator with touch screen

GPS Positioning

Bus administrators can real-time track vehicle condition include vehicle location and ticket sales.
TPS530 Ticket Validator with GPS Positioning
TPS530 Bus Validator Specific shell material makes it supports fireproof, dustproof, shockproof, antistatic, oilproof, etc.,and stable used at various harsh environments. TPS530 Android Automatec fare collection machineTPS530 Android Automatec fare collection machine Applications of TPS530 ticket validators
New Validator T20Multi-ticketing validator, Multi-Channel integrated in the One-system.NFC Fare Collection Support the identification of public transit cards,EMV chip card due to it built in the NFC Payment Module compliance with the EMV, Paypass, Paywave. Mobile QR-Code Reader QR code scanning window adopts bevel design, supports an OCR camera and hardware decoding QR-code readerMobile QR-Code Validator with 5-inch HD Screen,Amount input + voice broadcast,keypad TPS530 Bus Validator with GPS real-time tracking TPS530 Bus Validator fireproof, dustproof, shockproof, antistatic, oilproof TPS530 Bus Validator with android linux os TPS530 buses and transit card management system device for bus solutions, including bus management, top-up, card activation, data management.Dimension and Functional of Bus Validator TPS530Dimension and Functional of Bus Validator TPS530

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