Fiscal devices play a more important role in tax control worldwide. Telpo has launched a variety of fiscal devices, covering smart EFD machine, fiscal mobile POS, fiscal cash registers, EFD machines, ETR machines, etc., satisfying diversified needs of tax register and tax control in different countries. EFD machines have the functions of collecting money, recording, storing and transmitting, ensuring the accuracy and security of tax control. Besides, Telpo ETR machines are compatible with fiscal laws and regulations of different countries, guaranteeing wide applications worldwide.

Various Telpo fiscal devices meet different needs in multiple application scenarios. Telpo TPS900 of full financial certifications can offer lots of payment modes as well as provide fiscal registration. TPS320, TPS570, TPS575 are fiscal POS terminals equipped with a fiscal printer, meeting the demands for both tax registration and printing. Telpo C1 and TPS680 are ECR machines that can offer multiple payment methods and are suitable to be applied in various application scenarios. Telpo also launches a comprehensive fiscal solution composed of fiscal hardware, easy-to-develop systems, SDK and secure tamper-proof mechanisms, which has been applied in Russia, India, Italy, etc. Welcome to contact us for more details.