Ticket Validator

Telpo Ticket Validator offers various electronic payments and ticket verification method, such as open loop EMV bank cards, transit cards, mobile NFC, mobile QR code/paper QR code, mobile rings, and face recognition.

Therefore, Telpo ticket validation machine cater to the needs of digital transformation in travel and ticketing, including automatic fare collection on buses, subways, and ferries, ticket verification for sports stadiums, concerts, as well as access management for amusement parks and resorts, etc.
Telpo bus tickets validator allow customers to get on and off and safely and smoothly, track and report revenue accurately and efficiently and reduce the amount of cash collected by encouraging the use of pubilc transportation card or QR-codes. Automated ticket validation and fare collection machine and solution from Telpo liberates bus conductors, reducing passenger waiting and bus dwell time, which highly save manpower and time costs.

A range of device options meet the needs of transportation and ticket validation scenarios, including:

Bus Validator TPS530, Future-oriented Ticket Validator T20, Ticket Scanner P8L, Mobile Ticketing Machine TPS320, QR-code and Facial recognition access control TPS980, Self-service Ticket Machine.