Kiosk machine provides a mechanism for customers to process their own purchases from a retailer or get the service from service provider, which benefits for both customers and merchants.

As a partner of Burger King, and AEON, Telpo is able to provide various kiosk machines include  self-checkout kiosk, ordering kiosk, hotel check-in, ticketing vending machine, which can be used at retail stores, restaurant/QSR, hotels, hospitals, telecom, etc.

How to choose Telpo self-service machine?

K8 is considered the lightest checkout kiosk for easy transport and use
K8M with metal shell is all-in-one self-service machine, the most versatile
K20 fast food restaurant dedicated self-service machine
K10 mini self-service kiosk is suitable for small and medium retail stores
K13 tiny POS kiosk for ticketing and ordering
Telpo can also provide self-service device customization services include barcode/QR code scanner, receipt printer, palm recognition, face recognition, PIN PAD, NFC/IC card payment, and other functions based on actual demands. In addition, different screen sizes (11“/15.6”/21.5”/27”/32”/42”) are supported.
For more details on the design and manufacture of kiosk machines, please contact us.