Mini kiosk K10
Mini kiosk K10
Mini kiosk K10
Mini kiosk K10
Mini kiosk K10
Mini kiosk K10

Mini Kiosk

K10 Features

Self-service kiosk K10 is a lightweight desktop service terminal with a slim body and weight of only 5.5kg. The integrated design is more suitable for small and medium shops or other self service scenes.
🔸Lightweight: Compact desktop self-service machine, more space-saving, ultra-thin fashion design, 15.6-inch Touch Screen
🔸 Small size and full function: Support Laser QR scanner, NFC, receipt printer, face recognition
🔸 Abundant brackets: Support wall-mounted and check-out bracket, support by telpo MDM
🔸 Multiple interfaces and hidden line are designed to serve better
🔸 Application: Convenient stores, coffee shops, restaurants or other self service scenes


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Delicate But Reliable

Compact design takes up little space, even a small shop can get access to digital self-service.
Customers have choices to build and pay for their orders by self-service scanning and self-checkout, speeding up the order and service process.
 payment kiosk machine

Self Scanning

The superior built-in scanner can reduce interference of ambient light on reading, making contactless QR code payment and commodity barcode recognition more quickly and accurate.

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self service kiosk Mini
Self-service kiosk mini

Rich Interfaces, A Tidy Desktop

Multiple interfaces satisfy various needs of different application scenarios. Hidden line design better organizes wirings.

Mini kiosk with face recognition

Flexible Installation

Feel free to choose from abundant brackets, meeting needs of different scenes.

Mini kiosk machine K10
payment kiosk machine

More Applications

payment kiosk machine

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