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Self-service means the practice of serving oneself. Usually, people could do the self-service by using a self-service machine. The most famous self-service machine might be the ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines). However the role of Self-Service Kiosk has become more important than ever, and it will be more and more significant in the future.



Self-Service Kiosk could benefit many different industries for it has the following goods:


[Telpo Solution]

Telpo Self-Service Kiosks' unique hardware design provides high performances for our business partners. Telpo provides kinds of Self-Service Kiosks solution to fulfill business needs such as order dishes in a restaurant, search items and self-service checkout in a retail store or supermarket, build up a self-service gas station, etc. 


Self-service Kiosk TPS700

For the product modality, Telpo provides two Self-Service Kiosk solutions. One is a wall-mounted machine (could be supported by a bracket as well) represented by TPS 700, the other is cabinet type kiosk represented by TPS717.


Telpo Self-Service Kiosks have integrated financial module that allows customers making a transaction by themselves, biometric technology modules such as face recognition、fingerprint、ID check and iris (coming soon).


Self Check-in Kiosk TPS717

Furthermore, self-service solution further attention to automation, combined with visual object recognition technology TPS657 can automatically identify bread, fruits, dishes and other items. Self-service electronic scales such as TPS655 can automatically identify and weigh objects.

As the leading Self-Service Kiosks machine provider, Telpo cooperates with the most famous manufacturer in the world. Self-service and automated products and equipment are sold to Japan, Korea, Britain, France, etc.


At the same time, Telpo Cloud helps our partners to manage devices at any time in any place. Telpo Cloud will always be your back up. 


[Telpo Strength]

With 150+ engineer team and near 20 years of technical experience, Telpo offers a comprehensive suite of technology products and ODM services, helping customers around the world to keep business simple and efficient.

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