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Under the Epidemic, the Retailer's Self-help Program Self-service Devices Application

Apr. 01, 2020

As the new outbreak of COVID-19 spread around the world, countries issued emergency orders and strict epidemic response guidelines. How to do a good job in scientific protection has become the most concerned problem of global citizens. 

Combine with non-contact self-service devices, dose it not only satisfies the scientific protection of citizens, but also ensure that retail orders are carried out as usual? The following is a collection of cases for retailers' reference.

Mask Vending Machine


During the epidemic period, the epidemic prevention materials are the necessary demand and consumers prefer to contactless purchase. The mask vending machine supports mobile payment method enable customer scan QR code attached on its surface and pay for it. QR code payment satisfies consumers’ demand for contactless payment. Self-service purchase masks from mask machine can also avoid cross infection caused by keystrokes.

Under the Epidemic, the Retailer's Self-help Program Self-service Devices Application

Self-Service Cabinets


To get rid of human contact, many communities have installed self-service cabinets. The self-service containers will provide packaged vegetables and fruits, seasonings, food semi-finished products, kitchen tools and other commodities every day to meet the daily needs of residents. After placing an order online, residents can enter a password or scan a code pasted on the cabinet to open the door and pick up commodities. Ensuring and maintain residents' daily necessities and avoid panic buying.

 Under the Epidemic, the Retailer's Self-help Program Self-service Devices Application

In addition to realizing contactless shopping, self-service containers can also realize timely replenishment through intelligent monitoring to understand the sales situation of goods. According to the sales situation of different communities, the goods that meet the needs of each community residents can be put on the shelf. It will optimize the supply and logistics and reduce the backlog and shortage of goods.

Self-Service Locker


In the express industry, many enterprises also use self-service delivery locker to realize contactless express received. The couriers put express into the self-service delivery locker and customers can open delivery lockers by scanning commodity code, face recognition or ID card to pick up the goods by themselves. There is no human contact during the whole process, which saves the time of sending and receiving express and minimizes the possibility of spreading infection. Couriers need not wait at outside, it will also save delivery time and relieve the shortage of manpower. The locker method is also used in fast food distribution.

Under the Epidemic, the Retailer's Self-help Program Self-service Devices Application

Telpo Self-service Locker TPS731


Self-Service Cash Register


Human contact is the main route of transmission. How to reduce human contact during shopping? Many supermarkets have been equipped with self-service cash register to avoid customers contact with the cashier. What customers should do is scanning the commodity code through self-service cash register, which will display total price on the display. Then, customer can choose QR code payment or face payment to complete consumption, greatly reduce exposure infection risk and supermarket labor cost.

Telpo self-service cash register can support barcode scanning and QR code payment,face payment, receipt printing and so on function. It will help supermarkets and convenience stores to realize self-service cashier and improve cashier efficiency.


Self-Service Food Ordering Kiosk


The catering industry has been hit hardest by COVID-19 as human contact is inevitable in the stores. Aiming at the in-service business, many fast food restaurants have launched self-service food ordering kiosk. It allows customers to complete self-service ordering and payment without contact and communication with the staff so as to reduce transmission risk. Self-service ordering also becomethe best ways to order food.

Under the Epidemic, the Retailer's Self-help Program Self-service Devices Application

Telpo TPS700 with QR code Scanner

Burger king uses Telpo self-service food ordering kiosk TPS781 also focuses on its functions like self-service ordering, QR code payment and face payment. And Telpo lastest cash register C1 even support vioce ordering, truly realizing contactless self-service food ordering.


Under COVID-19, people are slowly accepting contactless behavior, and contactless products will become their topic choice. With the layout of contactless products such as self-service cash registers, self-service lockers, and self-service food ordering kiosks, retailers will bring many new chances. 

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