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Review | Intelligence Hardware Summit Forum Key Word

Dec. 27, 2019

The 2019 intelligent hardware summit forum will be held on December 28, which is also the fifth summit forum organized by Telpo. The intelligent hardware summit forum is aiming to build the most influential communication platform for the intelligent hardware industry. Every year, hundreds of industry representatives gather together to exchange ideas, delivering significant speeches and bring new ideas and inspirations.


Review| Intelligence Hardware Summit Forum Key Word

In the past four sessions of the intelligent hardware summit forum, many excellent representatives published their experience and forecast for the intelligent hardware industry and also pointed out industry development direction. Telpo picked up some key words to describe those intelligent hardware summit forums.


2016 Topic 1| Biometric


The representative of VR SHOW believed that biometric technology will allow us to go out freely without taking any devices to verify ourselves no matter in-store, ATM, access control, airport counter or bus in the future.


The digitalization problem is the first thing that remote transmission needs to solve, which focus on the encryption transmission problem. In his view, digital feature replication (liveness detection) should be prevented in the remote comparison and stop forging the judgment results at the local comparison. Biometric systems will become smaller and cheaper, making biometric terminals widely available.

 Review| Intelligence Hardware Summit Forum Key Word

2016 Topic 2 | New Retail


The new retail stores should be at the forefront of catering business management with uninterrupted information flow and loops from the stores to the headquarters, a software company CEO said.


Deepen insight into customer needs and provide them interactive marketing experience and services are what a company should do. And the operator should capture accurate information timely and make effective adjustments and feedback to the operation in real-time.


2017 Topic | Intelligent Security


Intelligent analysis technology is no longer limited to the security field but becomes a key technology in the field of artificial intelligence, a technology company pointed out.


At the same time, he mentioned that intelligent security can reflect in three respects. First, the future is the fusion of multi-feature, multi-algorithm and multi-comparison, aiming to improve the accuracy. Second, it stresses on deep learning algorithms. Third, Storage, comparison, input, edit and inspection of biometric information will be realized by cloud architecture.

Review| Intelligence Hardware Summit Forum Key Word

2018 Topic 1 | Face Recognition


3D face recognition will be a core application in the development of the Internet industry in the next 3-5 years.


Compared with 2D face recognition, 3D face recognition increases the description of deep space (distance information), which greatly enhances the anti-counterfeiting and efficiency of face recognition. With the wide application of 3D face payment technology in smart terminals and mobile terminals, we will enter the 3D face payment era from 2019 to 2029.

Review| Intelligence Hardware Summit Forum Key Word


2018 Topic 2 | AI


Face payment, product recognition in a vending machine, personalized recommendation and video stream AI analysis will increasingly rely on AI, deemed by product director of RockChip, one of the top 20 global AI chip companies.


He thought that the implementation of intelligent AI is based on cloud and side technology. Side AI has the advantages of low latency, high availability, privacy protection, and low cost.


Intelligent hardware summit forum guests have successfully forecast the development of the industry. And what will happen in this year? Please join in and enjoy this summit forum.

 Review| Intelligence Hardware Summit Forum Key Word

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