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Biometric security is on a sharp growth curve, according to a number of recent research reports. Biometrics refers to a system which measures the unique physiological characteristics of a given individual for the purpose of reliable identification. Some of the most widely used characteristics or biometric factors are fingerprints, irises, voice patterns and the spatial geometry of the face.


Biometric measurements provide a convenient and powerful alternative to traditional authentication. With biometric measurements, users don’t have to remember abstract strings of values.

In order for a biometric measurement to be an effective means of identifying the user, it must have the following characteristics:


[Telpo Solution]

Telpo biometric technology and solutions enable government and enterprises to be more secure, solving the fraud and crimes issues. Such as SIM card issuing, voting, access control, citizen verification, etc.


Telpo provides various types of biometrics devices to support different requirements. For the product modality, there are handheld devices, tablet devices, countertop devices, wall-mounted devices, etc.


For the biometric technology, Telpo devices support fingerprint, iris, face, voice, and so on. As the leading smart device provider, Telpo cooperates with the most famous biometric manufacturer in the world. 


At the same time, Telpo Cloud helps the customer to manage biometric devices at any time and any place. You’re not alone, Telpo Cloud will stay with us all the time. 


[Telpo Strength]

With 150+ engineer team and near 20 years technical experience, Telpo offers a comprehensive suite of technology products and ODM services, helping customers around the world keep the public safe and secure.

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