What Is the Best Delivery POS for Restaurant?


When you’re running a restaurant, choosing a delivery point-of-sale (POS) will certainly be a valuable investment to maintain normal operation during pandemics. The right delivery POS allows you quickly serve customers, accept orders, send accurate information to the food prep staff and get the order out of the door.

What Is the Best Delivery POS for Restaurant?cid=96


As the leading smart IoT company, here is what Telpo able to provide the mobile POS terminal TPS320, called the cost-effective delivery POS by the industry. What makes it so special? Let’s have a look.

Integration Payment

The delivery POS enables a variety of payment methods (swipe IC/NFC card, QR pay), allowing e-voucher redeem, take-out order receive and other functions together in a bid to provide a simple, convenient and fast consumption experience.

What Is the Best Delivery POS for Restaurant?cid=96


Delivery Service

Support connecting with different take-out platforms, the delivery POS system will automatically receive take-out order with voice prompt, so that merchants will not miss any order and improve business efficiency.

What Is the Best Delivery POS for Restaurant?cid=96

Redeem E-voucher

E-voucher and e-gift card verification are available. In virtue of member marketing, it is conducive to convert online consumption into offline loyal customers or transform offline customers to online members so as to improve store profit and interactive experience.

What Is the Best Delivery POS for Restaurant?cid=96


Convenient Order

Empowering mobile order, self-help QR code order and website order, making back kitchen can synchronously understand the order information, which helps to improve the efficiency of serving food and improve the turnover rate of the store.

Web-page Print

For small shopkeepers who don't have their own order app, ordering food from the web is another effective way. TPS320 allows staff using the mobile POS terminal to print the order information directly from the web-page without an additional printers.

Accurate Data

Telpo cloud platform has the capacity to update store operation data in real-time, allowing managers fully grasp the business status of stores and make accurate business decisions.


In virtue of 22-year rooted in R&D and innovative projects, Telpo has served more than 100+ countries around the world and provided a series of customization projects with retail giants like Burger King, 7-11, China Meituan and so on world-renowned companies. If you’re interested, welcome to contact us.


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