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Case Share | Telpo Single Point Thermometer Guarantee Bus Station Safety

Jul. 17, 2020

Countries gradually drive restart economic programs, but they still demand people to wear masks and maintain social distance in public places. The progress of work resumption pushes public transportation back to normal in a certain way. Public transportation is a crucial trip mode that many people choose to go to work. Thus, it is particularly important to ensure bus safety.


Bus station as a crowded public place, how to measure passengers' body temperature becomes an urgent matter.


Case Share | Telpo Single Point Thermometer Guarantee Bus Station Safety


It is understood that a bus station adopted Telpo touch-free single point thermometer TPS530T. When passengers enter the bus station, they can automatically measure their temperature. The device will real-time display and broadcast passengers’ temperature, which will help them quickly know their temperature and maintain a certain social distance. A driver need not involve in, close contact between drivers and passengers will be reduced. It can better improve epidemic prevention ability and solve the congestion problem at the bus door.

In addition, Telpo touch-free single point infrared thermometer TPS530T can trace information and monitor it intelligently. Through the Telpo Cloud platform, administrators can clearly knowledge the temperature and boarding time of different passengers. And relevant data will be real-time sent back to the platform for preservation, which is a reliable measure of traffic traceability and tracking. Furthermore, it can combine with the bus traceability system to find a vehicle, driver, and fellow passengers’ information.

 Case Share | Telpo Single Point Thermometer Guarantee Bus Station Safety

Using a touch-free infrared thermometer at the bus station is conducive to screening passengers' temperature in advance and ensuring a safe bus environment, further guarantee a safe and healthy trips for passengers.


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