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Face Recognition Guards Smart Community Security under Epidemic

Jun. 05, 2020

Personnel information checking and temperature detection are the basis and necessary measures for epidemic prevention and control. Only smart community takes accurate measure for controlling entry and exit personnel, can it achieve strict prevention and control and resumption work.

Face recognition can solve smart community key problems by means of contactless identification such as large community staff mobility, complex identity; infect risk with contact temperature detection and difficulty in sorting out and conveying handwritten information.

                                              Face Recognition Guards Smart Community Security under Epidemic

What Is Smart Community?


Smart community is a new concept of community management, which makes full use of new generation information technologies such as Internet of things (IoT), cloud computing and mobile Internet. Smart community aims to provide a safe, comfortable, convenient modern and intelligent living environment for community residents. It is not only a simple concept of community management, but an intelligent management system integrates government service, public service and commercial service.


What Does Face Recognition Apply In Smart Community?


Access Control & Visitor Registration Management

Face recognition access control system is normally used in the gate or corridor of smart community. Property management platform should input portrait and identity information in advance.


Once community residents enter the gate, face recognition access control will compare their portrait with background data and open the door if recognize successfully. The visitor registration system is that the owner will initiate visitor invitation and visitor can directly pass through the gate after they input their face images.


Just like Telpo face recognition access control TPS980T, which uses 1:N face recognition mechanism and infrared camera to detect personnel identity information and body temperature in a contactless way. It will guarantee the first step of smart community security.


Face Recognition Guards Smart Community Security under Epidemic

Face recognition access control TPS980T

Public Service Authentication

Face recognition technology adopts a 1:1 face verification mechanism, making community residents quickly enjoy public services with their faces as a verification methods. For example, Telpo face recognition self-service locker can be used for login with face recognition.


A single facial recognition registration can solve the problem of forgetting to bring ID, make community residents get more benefits and further improve smart community happiness.

Face Recognition Guards Smart Community Security under Epidemic


Financial and Clean Payment


Face payment as a contactless payment method has become the safest payment method under the epidemic situation. The convenience stores, retail stores, utilities, and community business services in the smart community all support face payment. Telpo face payment terminal TPS988 applied in 7-11, BianLiFeng, and other convenience stores also adopt face verification mechanisms.

Face Recognition Guards Smart Community Security under Epidemic


Face recognition technology empowers the smart community to quickly check personnel identification and make intelligent management for access control and visitor registration scenes. It will better improve community residents’ traffic efficiency, strictly control personnel entering and exiting the smart community, and guard smart community security.


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