How to Deliver a Full-Service Restaurant POS Solution?


In the fast-paced restaurant industry, the dining experience is paramount, and the right POS technology can be the key factor. For software providers catering to the full-service restaurant industry, partnering with the right hardware provider is essential.

Full Service Restaurant

1+12: Integration of POS Software and Hardware

The full-service restaurant POS system is the backbone of modern dining operations, integrating payment processing, order management, and customer engagement. The partnership between software developers and POS hardware manufacturers can be a strategic alliance that combines technological expertise, market access, and customer support to create robust, efficient, and user-friendly POS solutions, achieving a result of 1+12.

Why Cooperating with Hardware Provider is Preferred by Software Developers?

lHardware-Software Synergy

A well-integrated full-service restaurant POS solution where POS hardware and software work seamlessly together can provide a more reliable and efficient user experience. Software and hardware providers can both leverage their expertise to ensure they perform best in POS solutions.

lCustomization and Compatibility

POS hardware manufacturers can provide custom solutions or make modifications to their hardware to better suit the specific needs of the software, such as improved processing power, better security features, and new forms of payment processing. This ensures compatibility and allows for the development of features that take full advantage of the hardware's capabilities.

lQuality Improvement

Hardware manufacturers can help ensure that the software runs smoothly on their devices by providing testing environments and feedback on performance, which is crucial for quality assurance. What's more, software developers and hardware manufacturers can push the boundaries of what's possible in POS technology, leading to the creation of new and improved products and services.

Why Telpo is Your Excellent Partner of Hardware?

Customization to Fit Unique Needs

With 25 years of customization experience, Telpo can tailor the POS hardware to the specific requirements of different software solutions. This flexibility ensures that the POS system not only meets the functional needs but also aligns with the brand identity.

Wide Hardware Offerings

Telpo has a wide variety of POS hardware options, covering smart cash registers, all-in-one desktop POS terminals, handheld terminals, etc. You can feel free to choose the ones that most suits your service.

Full Service Restaurant POS, Telpo POS

lSmart Cash Registers

Telpo has a comprehensive smart cash register series, which contains terminals with different screen sizes and functions.

lAll-in-one Desktop Android POS

To satisfy the cashier needs of small-size businesses, Telpo launches the more space-saving all-in-one Android desktop POS terminal, Telpo M10. The Telpo M10 obtains all basic functions that general smart cash registers have and satisfy daily needs.

lMobile POS

Telpo mobile POS terminals have a stylish appearance and multiple functions, which can satisfy operation needs of restaurants, such as mobile ordering, tableside checkout and so on.

Reliable Hardware Quality

Telpo offers multiple technique chip options including Qualcomm, Rockchip, MTK, UNISOC, etc. In virtue of a CNAS laboratory and strict quality control process, Telpo's POS hardware is built with the latest technology, ensuring that software applications run smoothly without performance lags. This is crucial for maintaining the efficiency and speed that full-service restaurants demand.

Support for Developers

Telpo offers comprehensive support for software developers, including access to Telpo SDKs, Telpo MDM, and Telpo OS, ensuring that their applications can fully leverage the capabilities of Telpo POS hardware.

Telpo's Success Story with Meituan

Telpo has rich experience in providing POS hardware solutions for software developers and one of the examples is the cooperation with Meituan.

Full Service Restaurant, Telpo Customization for Meituan

Meituan is a leading e-commerce platform in China, adhering to the 'Retail + Technology' strategy. To catch up with the trend of mobile payment and digital retail, Meituan partners with Telpo to provide smarter and more efficient cashier solutions.

In response to Meituan's cash register requirements, Telpo integrated the functions of traditional cash registers and combined the development needs of Internet mobile payments, successfully customizing two smart cash registers for Meituan, which are widely used in various catering and retail scenarios.

As the restaurant industry continues to evolve, the demand for POS solutions will only grow. Telpo is your reliable hardware partner to provide full service restaurant POS solutions. Welcome to contact us for more details.


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