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How Does The POS Terminal Register The Tax?

Sep. 27, 2017


how the cash register work for fiscal registration


At present, many countries focus on reinforcing the control and management of taxes, for example, England is vigorously tax collection equipment, to further promote tax policies, and strengthen supervision of cash transaction.

How does a cash register work for fiscal registration?

TPS570 Fiscal memory

Fiscal memory is installed in ECR or POS as the built-in module. POS terminal store encrypted transaction data to fiscal memory automatically. Meanwhile, it sends the data to the tax bureau's server via 2G / 3G / WIFI / Ethernet. Tax bureau will manage tax info via the data. At the same time, the printer will print the ticket with QR code, which allows the consumer to scan and check tax information.

Tax bureau regularly removes the fiscal module in the cash register or POS. Due to using special screw lock for a fiscal module installation, only the specific officer to allow maintenance, other staff difficult to open.

Telpo prepares a bundle of POS solutions:

1.  Countertop Pos Machine TPS570
   Suitable for small desktops, small business, with the printer, built-in fiscal memory.

TPS570 Fiscal memory

It is a low-cost solution. the built-in tax control module, with a rich peripheral interface, can be used to connect a variety of peripherals + external devices (external scanning gun or password keyboard), for the low-cost cashier, Suitable for small restaurants, small supermarkets and so on.


2.  Handheld Mobile POS Machine: TPS390 / TPS900

  (with the printer, barcode scanner, built-in fiscal module)

Fiscal memory

Mainly used for account management and receipts printing, easy to carry. Used for transport industry or portable application scenarios, some machines with financial certification can be directly cashless payment, rather than cash transactions.

3. Fiscal Cash register TPS615

providing the large anti-scratch screen, dual screen, and multi-interface.

Fiscal Cash register

It is the most common solution. Fiscal cash registers combine with various external POS enclosure. The rich interface can be used to connect multiple peripherals, such as barcode scanner, PIN PAD, wired printer and so on. It is ideal for high-level places, such as star hotels, luxury goods stores, etc., expensive, large screen, atmospheric style.

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