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How Should Catering & Retail Industry Embrace Contactless And Clean Payment?

May. 15, 2020

Social distancing has become a new norm nowadays. As more people worry about touching cash will increase infection risk, so contactless and clean payment has gradually attracted their attention and won their favor.

How Should Catering

Contactless transactions saw more than 40% growth worldwide in the first quarter of the year, according to MasterCard. If restaurants and retailers want to encourage a customer to consume, they should be ready for changeable payment methods and take some measures to embrace contactless and clean payment.   


How should the Catering & Retail industry embrace contactless and clean payment? Different solutions should be taken for different scenes from convenience stores to quick-service restaurants or full-service restaurants.


1. Pay at Table

It's a great idea for restaurants that want to offer a contactless payment method for their customers. Guests can online order food at restaurant’s app by themselves, and the bill will be automatically associated with their phone. After finishing dining, they only need to show payment code to the server, so there is no reason for a server to touch the guest's card or cash.

How Should Catering

Telpo portable payment terminal TPS320 with a super-agile camera allows it quickly recognize payment code and achieve contactless payment. Besides, it can also be used in online ordering, group purchase cancellation, and reservation, online payment, and tax registration, takeout and other scenes. 


2. Loyalty Program

It works best for quick-serve concepts like coffee shops, where guests make small, frequent purchases. By showing a barcode or QR code on their mobile device in front of a scanner, customers can pay without touching any shared surfaces. It's convenient and safe. Loyalty program means customers can directly accumulate their membership points and get consumption rewards such as coupons once they pay successfully, which has already taken by Starbucks.

How Should Catering

Telpo QR Code scanner TPS508 enables seamless connect 98% of the cashier system on the market, which greatly reduces input cost. Voice broadcast, light supplementary and receipt obtain triple guarantee customer secure, contactless, and clean payment.


3. Self-Service Kiosk


Aiming at the in-service business, many fast-food restaurants have launched self-service kiosks, which allow customers to complete self-service ordering and contactless payment without contact and communication with the staff.

How Should Catering

Burger king uses Telpo self-service kiosk TPS781 is collude with its functions like self-service ordering, QR code payment, and face payment such as contactless and clean payment method. And Telpo AI cash register C1 even support voice ordering, truly realizing contactless self-service food ordering.


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