How to Make Identity Authentication More Secure And Convenient?


As the concept of digital identity gradually usher into people’s mind and appear more commonly in all walks of life, we can see the rising concern on the security of identity authentication. Against the backdrop, how could we make identity authentication more secure?

How to Make Identity Authentication More Secure And Convenient?

Nowadays, increasing people realize that their personal biometric data are the strongest guarantee of identity authentication with its unique and exclusive characteristic, thus they change their tune toward biometric and start to embrace and attempt it. Moreover, the in-depth development of deep learning algorithms and acquisition devices strengthens the accuracy and speed of biometric identification, making it extend to more applications.


Driven by the mission of creating a colorful future life, Telpo developed a series of biometric identification devices contains face recognition, fingerprint recognition, etc in a bid to satisfy the high-quality pursuit of identity authentication, delivering a more convenient and reliable operation experience.


Fingerprint Recognition + Zink Printer


Fingerprint identification is mainly identifying individuals based on the comparison of fingerprint texture and detail features. On the basis of fingerprint technology, Telpo all-in-one biometric rugged tablet S8 is designed to focus on humanized convenient, and reliable operation provides users new identity authentication experience with an external Zink printer. 

How to Make Identity Authentication More Secure And Convenient?

All-in-one biometric rugged tablet S8

When identity authentication is needed, users only need to put their fingers at the 8-inch screen, then their fingerprints will be captured and collected by the inbuilt fingerprint scanner, which will also be uploaded to the platform for further management. No matter people in wet hands or wear gloves, they can also flexible operate and clear read under 400nit sunlight.

For the sake of making users quickly obtain identity authentication credentials, we specifically add Zink printer. This no ink cartridge, toner, ribbon, or toner needed printer also conducive to reflect social responsibility as it totally consonant with the idea of economical, environmentally friendly, and easy to use. Importantly, we can also offer a portable biometric kit for convenient carry, mobile operation, and product protection.

 Identity Authentication All-in-one biometric tablet Kit

All-in-one biometric tablet Kit

Face Recognition+ Thermometry


With the technology revolution, face database, and face recognition system cost reduction, we can see face recognition technology is used in more and more scenes with higher recognition accuracy. Under the circumstance of anti-virus, temperature measurement should be done synchronously with identity authentication. Within the content, Telpo developed its face recognition, thermometry family.

Make Identity Authentication More Secure face recognition, thermometry family

Face recognition and thermometry family

In virtue of face recognition and infrared thermal imaging technology, Telpo face recognition thermometry devices allow contactless identity authentication along with temperature detection. When personnel enters the identifiable zone, the product will activate facial recognition to verify his identity within seconds.

Meanwhile, his forehead temperature will be detected and displayed the temperature data on the screen. Once a fever person is detected, the high-temperature alarm will be activated, an alert email will be sent and access will not open triple reminder people.


As mask-wearing is proved to an effective measure to combat the virus, Telpo faces recognition thermometry device also able to conduct mask detection with voice broadcast to remind people to wear masks. Most importantly, it can comply with GDPR and better protect people's private information.


Telpo smart terminal family in 2021

With the feature of biometric and updating mature a biometric identification devices, we truly believe they can make identity authentication more secure and convenient. The 22-year technology accumulation makes Telpo available to provide professional advice and personalized service on the identity authentication industry. If you want to know more detail, welcome to contact us.


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