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How To Ensure Outdoor Face Recognition Device Normal Working In Rainy Day?

Nov. 15, 2020

Affected by weather, common outdoor face recognition devices have exposed a series of questions include unable to recognize in backlighting environment, system halted in rainy days and crash caused by working temperature + excessive external work, etc.


 Outdoor Access control Face Recognition Device In Rainy Day

How to ensure face recognition device normal working on a rainy day becomes a hot issue in the industry. In order to solve those problems, Telpo self-develop the outdoor face recognition device F6.


The F6 not only supports liveness detection, face recognition, access control management, video intercom and other functions but also satisfy waterproof, anti-glare, high-temperature resistance, tamper protection such as outdoor requirements.


Outdoor Access control Face Recognition Device In Rainy Day

IP65 Waterproof Grade


Waterproof is the prominent feature of the outdoor face recognition devices. After professional testing, F6 waterproof rating is up to IP66. It means that it can prevent the attack and enter from dust and water all-round, thus it can be work normally even in rainy days. It is suitable to be used in outdoor scenes such as construction sites, campuses, stations, scenic spots, etc.


Anti-glare + High-Temperature Resistance


For reducing the effect caused by backlight on a rainy days, F6 adopts wide dynamic camera and three-color indicator light. It can automatically distinguish the brightest and darkest part and then locate people's face feature to increase the accuracy of face recognition. When no people is detected, the device will standby to save power. It is good for it to make heat dispersion and extend service life. Moreover, it supports high and low temperature resistance within -5-45of ambient temperature.

Tamper Protection Outdoor Face Recognition Device Normal Working In Rainy Day?

Tamper Protection


The rear cover and bracket are designed to be anti-dismantle. When the tamper shrapnel totally covers, a high or low-level signal will be output. In addition, there is a magnetic induction Hall element at the mainboard. Combining with the magnet on the bracket, a high and low level will also be provided. Once the changing circuit level is detected, the alarm information will be uploaded and interrupt device operation.


With the advanced characteristics of waterproof, anti-glare, high-temperature resistance and tamper protection, this outdoor face recognition device F6 can perfectly used in every outdoor scene. If you’re interested, welcome to visit our official website and obtain more information.


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