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Multi-person Dynamic Temperature Screening Device Assists Exhibition Reopen

May. 26, 2020

The average cost to contact each visitor at the exhibition is $177, while it could take $295 to contact a customer by sales call, according to exhibition research. Participating in the exhibition is the most cost-effective way of marketing, as it can contact partners and customers at a low cost.

Multi-person Dynamic Temperature Screening Device Assists Exhibition Successfully Hold

However, at the beginning of 2020, the sudden COVID-19 outbreak delayed the launch of various exhibitions and brought the whole exhibition industry to a standstill.

Recently, governments of various countries have taken relevant measures to promote exhibitions gradually hold to mitigate the epidemic impact on the exhibition industry. It is reported that China will firstly hold an online exhibition and the 127th Canton Fair will be held from June 15 to 24. The German government has also recently introduced new rules, states can set out exhibition resume timetables based on health and safety condition.

Controlling the total number of people and taking health care measures are prerequisites for holding offline exhibitions, which means participants still need to keep a social distance, wear masks, and check their body temperature. How to effectively check body temperature, mask-wearing condition, identity verification of the participants in such a large people flow scenes?

Multi-person Dynamic Temperature Screening Device Assists Exhibition Successfully Hold

Multi-person dynamic temperature screening devices can solve this problem. Adopting visible light and infrared binocular cameras, Telpo TPS980T Pro supports liveness detection and infrared temperature detection, which can effectively eliminate photos, videos, models, and other deceptive behavior and improve face recognition security. It can do well in identity verification.

With a high-performance Melexis temperature detection module, it can realize 3-4 people synchronously dynamic temperature detection and identification at 1-2m far distance. To cater to the language of different exhibitors, Telpo can provide 26 or more multi-language versions and corresponding voice broadcasts. It can work 24-hour and real-time display human body temperature. Integrating infrared thermography and AI algorithm, it can optimize the mask occlusion model and achieve mask detection.


Multi-person Dynamic Temperature Screening Device Assists Exhibition Successfully Hold

Multi-person dynamic temperature screening devices Telpo TPS980T Pro 

Once the high temperature is detected, the system will automatically start high-temperature warning mode and upload relevant information to the platform, assisting staff to quickly detect fever people. Exhibition administrators can uniformly manage temperature data and identity information recorded by the terminal, quickly trace back to the contact person with the fever, effectively blocking the potential spread of the epidemic. One-stop achieve temperature screening, mask detection and data tracing jobs.

Under epidemic, multi-person dynamic temperature screening devices can assist offline exhibition to take health protection measures and facilitate exhibition successfully hold.

Telpo will participate in many large-scale exhibitions in the second half of 2020 and provide temperature measurement machine with Identity verification for the exhibition.

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