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Approaching Cashless Society

Apr. 19, 2017

Payment style is innovating into our life, cashless payment is more and more popular now. Whether we will go into a cashless society?tax control system

cashless Payment machine

Recently, there is a payment platform that will push China into the cashless society within 5 years has become a hot topic, causing widespread concern and discussion. WeChat pay and Ali-pay is increasingly popular in China. Due to their simple payment steps, using the mobile phone to have a scan, input denomination, and confirm. There is no need to care about counterfeit money, there is no need to change money, there is no need to count the changes one by one manually, there is no need for the retailer to pay credit card handling charge fee, the advantages of mobile payment is obviously to retailer and customers. So cashless mobile payment is quickly accepted. tax control services


instore cashless Payment machine

However, many people also have to maintain a cautious attitude, think the cashless society still lacks many basic conditions, including the popularity of electronic payment in the underdeveloped areas such as electronic payment security, electronic payment-related legal system. 

So, the cashless society,  how far away from us? Функциональный модуль

In order to solve the problem of the exchange of goods, people began to issue currency. The first is made of precious materials, in modern times, in order to facilitate carrying, invented the paper money. However, the use of paper money has many disadvantages, such as inconvenient to carry, loss of risk, inventory errors, high maintenance costs, money laundering, and crime risk.

cashless Payment machine

In the past, it was generally believed that the disappearance of paper money would be a long process, but no one thought that the Internet has changed human society so quickly and thoroughly. Especially in Chinese, in recent years, with the help of the Internet, the speed of the reform of the financial system quickly, in a sense, the electronic payment itself can be regarded as a kind of financial innovation or reform and fast development, although the related legal construction is lagging behind, but also has been in development.

Faced with this trend, the cashier POS and intelligent POS will have a lot of space to play. As everyone knows, the cash register has become an indispensable retail store, clothing stores, restaurants, supermarkets, and other consumer industries, currency trading tools, POS cash register conveniently so that we can go to the supermarket to buy things, do not need to take cash, because there is a supermarket cash register can use membership card, consumption and other forms of two-dimensional code.

cashless Payment machine

Telpo TPS650 appearance, complete function, convenient and can bring many benefits for businesses in the retail and supermarket, TPS650 uses the Android system, open platform, simple operation, can save a lot of time for a business operation. Telpo also launched a series of Android intelligent POS machines, to meet the needs of customers.

cashless Payment machine

The cashless society also takes a long time to achieve, in today's society, intelligent POS still plays a very important role. As we pursue the goal, we strive to provide customers with better service, to save more time for customers, to provide customers with a different choice. I believe we will do better!


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