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Ma Yun Announced: Pay-With-the-Face Will Take Over The Scan Code Payment!

Aug. 21, 2018

The QR code payment was not long before it was born. Alipay suddenly announced that the face payment will take over the scan code payment!

Pay-With-the-Face Take Over The Scan Code Payment

Face payment is more advantageous than scan QR-code payment.

Faster: Just 1 second to complete scan of your face, the entire purchase payment process is less than 10 seconds!

Simpler: you don't need to scan the QR code, you don't even need to bring your phone. Because your face is the payment ID. After you select the item and click on "the face to pay", Alipay will automatically recognize your face, deduct from your Alipay account!


Pay-With-the-Face Payment kiosk 

More trouble-free: For those who are not familiar with the operation of mobile phones, especially those who are not convenient to take the mobile phone, it is not convenient to pay for the face!

Pay-With-the-Face Payment kiosk

More secure: Alipay's face payment application uses the latest 3D face recognition, combined with hardware and software dual detection, can judge the real user 99.9%.

This new feature of Alipay is expected to be widely used in China within a year.

Nothing is immortal.

When Alipay first appeared, it was the life of cash: no need to bring cash, just enter a few simple passwords, don't worry about counterfeit money and don't need to change, so Alipay is very popular when it is launched.

Pay-With-the-Face Payment kiosk

Soon after Alipay was used, it was an urgent need to pay for the password payment: after entering the fingerprint through biometric technology, it can be directly paid by fingerprint, no need to input the password, again and again, so many people can't remember their Alipay password now.

Subsequently, Alipay has been investing more in artificial intelligence and image processing technology and has planned the life of face payment.

Today, after a series of experiments and technology upgrades, Alipay's face-paying features are finally commercialized. In the coming year, you can pay for your face in various stores online!

Pay-With-the-Face Payment kiosk

From the evolution of Alipay's function, it can be seen that there is no such thing as perfect technology in the world, and nothing is static.

When you get together, sometimes, nothing is immortal.

The Telpo smart payment terminal with face recognition has been launched, providing a solution for retail store smart upgrades. 


The TPS700 smart self-ordering kiosk terminal provides a self-service and fast-paying in-store experience. 


The product of Telpo TPS650 cash register machine can be customized as a face recognition cash register, providing 3D face recognition and financial level face payment to prevent counterfeiting.


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