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The bus is one of the necessary means of transportation in people's daily life. However, payment difficulty will undoubtedly aggravate bus congestion, which negatively impacts passengers' travel experience.


Traditional Payment Problem


1. Inconvenience. Cash payment and bus card payment are the common bus ticket payment methods. The former requires passengers to carry cash, which is easy to forget or poses germ spread risk. And the latter requires foreign passengers to purchase the designated bus card, which badly affects the experience. 


2. Difficult. For bus companies, counting money is time-consuming work. It requires specialized counters to separate the old and new notes and different currencies, which can lead to loss of revenue when damaged or counterfeit money is encountered.

Telpo Bus Validator TPS530 Smart Bus Validator Improve Passenger Experience

Telpo Bus Validator TPS530

Case Introduction


Aiming to solve the traditional bus payment problem and provide passengers with a convenient travel experience, Telpo cooperated with SIMCom launched TPS530 smart bus validator, which supports NFC card swiping and QR code payment. In virtue of high identification efficiency, it is good to alleviate bus congestion problems.


Adopting a 5-inch TFT display, NFC card reader and QR code scanner, built-in SIMCom module, the smart bus validator TPS530 can realize rapid data transmission and communication with the background after passengers complete the transaction. In this way, passengers can freely swipe or scan and take the ride. Moreover, it is compatible with 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc, and supports GPS positioning function, making it available to be used at the bus, high-speed toll station, corporate shuttle bus, campus shuttle bus, and other so on scenes that require card swiping and QR code payment.

Telpo Bus Validator with high speed printer

Telpo Bus Validator with high-speed printer 




l  Support QR code payment and NFC card payment, facilitating passengers travel and improve user experience.

l  Cashless payments, making bus companies reduce workload, cost and stop germs spreading.

l  Data upload in real-time, effectively statistic the passenger flow of different time and help the bus company to rationalize the vehicle scheduling and improve the operating efficiency.


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