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Case Share| Wrist Temperature Screening Taken In School

Nov. 03, 2020



Temperature screening has become a part of peoples daily life affected by pandemic around the world. School is the major gathering place that should pay more attention to make temperature screening. Because it is also the place where impart knowledge and educate people and students mean the hope and future of the country. 

Case Share| Wrist Temperature Screening Taken In School



When the weather turns cool, students will generally wear long-sleeve uniform and wrist will be covered by clothing at that time, so wrist temperature is relatively stable compared to the exposed part. Taken ambient temperature into consideration and ensure accurately detect human body temperature, Telpo developed wrist temperature screening terminal TPS530T.


The temperature threshold will be set up in advance. Students only need to place their handstand beside the temperature screening terminal, and then their wrist temperature will be automatically detected. And there is voice broadcast and temperature display in real-time, so students can clearly know their temperature and faculties will better timely master students’ health status.

Case Share| Wrist Temperature Screening Taken In School




Wrist temperature can be detected contactless within 1s in the distance of 0-10cm, it is effective to avoid cross infection and improve passage efficiency. Importantly, there is no height limit.


Accurate Detection

The temperature of non-exposed parts such as the wrist and neck is less affected by the ambient environment, so wrist temperature measurement data is more stable and real.


Data Traceability

Temperature data will be recorded in real-time. And it can be directly exported through the terminal or transferred to the platform by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc, so as to facilitate backtracking and data traceability.


Powerful Function

In addition to temperature screening, it also supports functions such as access control and attendance, voice broadcast, etc to realize intelligent entrance management.


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