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New Detection Action | China Installs Bus Facial Recognition Thermometer

Feb. 27, 2020

The bus facial recognition thermometers are being widely installed in China in an attempt to detect symptoms of coronavirus in passengers, according to Chinese state-run media.

 New Biometric Detection China Installs Bus Facial Recognition Thermometer

The bus facial recognition thermometers are capable of measuring the temperature of commuters within one second through scan the commuters’ forehead at the entrance of the bus while they swipe their transportation cards. This action not only reduces passenger contact with the driver in a more humane way but also cuts down the risk of cross-infection.


Recently, Telpo has developed smart terminals combining temperature detection, which includes the bus verification thermometer, also called bus validator, which supports sub-second detection and automatic alarm, making temperature detection more security and intelligent in the transportation industry.


Multifunctional Bus Validator, Faster and Accuracy

New Biometric Detection Bus Ticket Validation and Thermometer


Telpo TPS530 is a multifunctional bus validator as it adopts an optimized mask detection model, infrared thermography, QR Code reader and Telpo Cloud platform, integrating payment and temperature detection together.


New Biometric Detection Bus Ticket Validation and Thermometer

Comparing traditional thermometer, Telpo TPS530 bus validator is faster and more accurate. It can automatically detect passenger and body temperature even they wear a mask. The temperature accurately will be controlled within 0.3 degrees Celsius and the alarm mode will immediately start once abnormal high temperature is detected.

Importantly, it allows QR code payment, thus passengers can choose a contactless payment method and conduct temperature measurement at the same time, truly achieve contactless payment, sub-second detection, and automatic alarm integration.

China Installs Bus Facial Recognition Thermometer

Trackable Service Assists Monitoring


Telpo bus validator can trace information and monitor it intelligently. Through the Telpo Cloud platform, the administrator can clearly knowledge the records of the temperature of different passengers, and sent them back to the epidemic prevention background for preservation, which is a reliable measure of traffic traceability and tracking. In case of abnormal temperature, it informs the administrator immediately and take necessary measures.


And the GPS location function combines with the bus tracing system is capable of finding information about vehicle, driver and fellow passengers. What's more, Telpo bus validator supports real-time broadcast epidemic prevention information, reminding public passengers of the importance of epidemic prevention.

Telpo's temperature measurement bus validator and face recognition device TPS980T have been launched. Facing the epidemic situation, Telpo smart terminal delicate to achieve digital intelligent monitoring, tracking, and automatic alarm.

New Detection Action | China Installs Bus Facial Recognition Thermometer

Face Recognition Thermometers TPS980T

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