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Face Recognition Technology And Device Empower Smart Subway

Jan. 13, 2021

As one of the most important transportation methods in modern cities, the subway is closely related to the public transportation of urban residents. In the country's plan of smart transportation, the subway combined with biometric face recognition technology may bring more convenience to urban residents and create valuable effects at the traffic scene, and empower smart subway.


Face Recognition Technology And Device Empower Smart Subway


Recently, Taiyuan, a Chinese city, its metro supports facial recognition at all 23 stations, allowing passengers to pass through the gates even if they are wearing masks. Motivated by providing passengers with a diversified riding experience, Taiyuan Metro Line 2 allows full-channel face recognition and scanning QR codes on the basis of supporting traditional physical ticket cards such as one-way tickets and prepaid cards.


When passengers buy tickets, their face information will be input into the background system. After the arrival, the face recognition gate will scan their faces and compare the face data at the background system to verify individual identification and then open the gate. The whole process is less than three seconds, which greatly improves passage efficiency.


In fact, with the continuous optimization of the AI algorithms, face recognition gate can also allow for verifying identification even wear masks. Take Telpo to face recognition gate TPS980 as an example.


Based on the original face recognition model, Telpo TPS980 improves the face visible area ratio and adopts corresponding strategies on local feature enhancement. By virtue of introducing an eye feature model, it can make a comparison between eye features to achieve face recognition with mask sheltering.


Face Recognition Technology And Device Empower Smart Subway

Telpo TPS980T support QR code reader and face recognition


Importantly, the face recognition gate TPS980 can be upgraded toface recognition temperature measurement terminal TPS980T with an advanced temperature module. Thus, temperature measurement, mask detection, voice broadcast, face recognition, liveness detection, QR code scanning, data upload, email alert and so on functions can be achieved in the one-piece machine, effectively reduce human contact and improve epidemic prevention.


Face Recognition Technology And Device Empower Smart Subway

Telpo POS ticket validator and fare collection device

In addition, Telpo also able to provide ticket vending machines and smart ticket devices for connecting the complete subway payment system and enable passengers to enjoy a diverse and convenient payment experience.


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