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How To Ensure Accurately Measure Temperature In Cold Weather

Jan. 09, 2021

Expert indicated that low temperature helps long-term survival and spread of COVID-19. As we approach the first winter with the second wave of COVID-19 circulating, it’s essential for health and social care sector to take tight public health control measures to enable people to stay safe and well.

How To Ensure Accurately Measure Temperature In Cold Weather

However, human body temperature will be affected by weather and common temperature screening terminals are hard to work or accurately measure temperature in cold weather. Therefore, how to accurately measure temperature in cold winter become a priority issue for anti-pandemic sector.


In fact, there are three obvious and effective measures available for reference. One is to add a protective cover to prevent long-term exposure of the temperature screening device. Another is to ensure the detected personnel being a place with lower temperature difference so as to improve measurement accuracy. Last but not least, choose the high quality thermometer that allows for stable working at the low temperature.


Driven by the motivation for protecting public health even in cold winter, Telpo upgraded its temperature screening terminal TPS980T with more advanced temperature module recently, making measure human body temperature at low temperatures as low as -20℃ available. The CE, FCC, RoHS, TELEC, Anatel, KC global certificate ensure the durability, reliability and accuracy of the device.

How To Ensure Accurately Measure Temperature In Cold Weather

As it allows for contactless and automatic forehead temperature measuring, face/ QR code/NFC card identification method, the whole temperature measurement and verification process is totally safe and effectively stops human contact. When human body temperature is detected≥37.3℃, the device will automatic alarm and send high temperature alert email. Real time temperature data can be checked at the cloud platform, greatly convenient staff remote monitor.


How To Ensure Accurately Measure Temperature In Cold Weather

Importantly, online version, offline version, local network version, Telpo middleware and development version those software and platform modals can be provided. Face recognition, mask detection, voice broadcast, multi-language version, access control, attendance, visitor registration and multi-modal identity identification can be achieved in one machine, better enhance overall efficiency and standard of anti-epidemic.


Nowadays, Telpo temperature screening terminals have helped schools, communities, offices, hospitals, buses, restaurants and so on places did well in public anti-epidemic work around the world. If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us.


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