Is it Feasible to Use Tablets as POS Terminals?


As tablets have wider use, more business operators begin to wonder about replacing traditional POS terminals with tablets. Is this method feasible?

10.1-inch pos terminal

How to turn a tablet into a POS terminal?

A qualified POS terminal should contain hardware and software. The hardware of course refers to touchscreen tablets and users can get access to cloud-based Point-of-Sale systems through the Internet. By combining the tablet and cloud-based system, users could obtain a cost-effective tablet POS solution without the need of purchasing relatively expensive hardware.

What are the advantages of using tablets as POS terminals?

1. Modern appearance

The modern appearance of hardware delivers a sign to customers that businesses have adapted the latest technology in all aspects. The sleek design adopted by most tablets in the current market is more in line with modern business decoration, which may appeal to more young customers.

2. User-friendliness

Since tablets are widely used now, many people are familiar with their functions and usage methods. Therefore, when new employees learn how to use the POS terminal, they can get started quickly, which reduces the training time for business operators.

3. Mobility

Using tablets as POS terminals have higher mobility than using traditional desktop POS terminals. With a tablet, staff could walk right up to the customers to accept payments, which elevates customers’ checkout experience. Besides, using a tablet is a more flexible choice for businesses without a fixed checkout counter, such as vendors at farmers’ markets.

4. Lower cost

If the business operators have already obtained a tablet, they could directly turn their tablets into a POS terminal without purchasing additional POS hardware and they just need to pay for software. However, for business operators without a tablet at hand, purchasing another tablet is not always the most affordable choice and sometimes a tablet costs more than a compact desktop POS terminal.

It’s of course feasible to turn a tablet into a POS terminal. However, I don’t think it is a long-term POS solution.

There are some cons that prevent tablets from completely replacing POS terminals.

1. Nondurable

The tablets are not specifically designed as POS terminals, which makes them not durable enough to meet high-frequent use every day. For example, a tablet without a protective case or a fixed bracket is easy to drop and shatter, which may bring high repair fees to business operators. In addition, the performance of ordinary tablets is not powerful enough to support long-term frequent use.

2. Difficult to integrate other POS accessories

People don’t require rich interfaces to expand functions in the daily use of playing games, listening to music, watching videos, etc. However, as the business size grows, more functions need to expand connecting POS accessories, such as the card reader, barcode reader, receipt printer, etc. Most tablets cannot offer enough ports to connect POS accessories at the same time, which adds inconvenience.

3. Easy to theft

Compared to the smart cash register for a single purpose, the tablet is more attractive to thefts, and thus using tablets as POS terminals is easier to lose. When employees aren't looking, the thief can easily steal the tablet.

The compact desktop terminal is a more suitable long-term POS solution for all businesses. The 10.1-inch Point-of-Sale launched by Telpo is an example. It has the most advantages that tablets obtain and also has advantages that tablets don't.

10.1-inch pos terminal

1. Stylish metallic appearance

Combining the thin 10.1-inch touchscreen and metal bracket, the Telpo C11 also has a stylish and modern appearance. Similar to the tablet, it takes up a small footprint and is suitable to be used for a small checkout counter.

2. Easy integration

This 10.1-inch Point-of-Sale terminal is specifically designed for cashier application scenarios, and it offers rich interfaces to connect POS accessories. Users can flexibly expand the functions of card reading, receipt printing, barcode scanning, etc., as they require. No converters are required.

3. Timely technical support

Business operators who use tablets as POS terminals may be confused when encountering problems during use. They don’t know whether they should seek help from hardware providers or POS software providers. In contrast, who should seek technical support is clear. Telpo has an experienced after-sales team to eliminate the problems for users.

4. User-friendly design

With a 75mm*75mm VESA-compliant bracket, the touchscreen is detachable and can be used independently. This flexible installation makes users use the Telpo C11 in the method they favor. At the same time, the rotary hinge can help users of different heights to adjust the best angle.

5. Not easy to steal

With the bracket, the Telpo C11 can be fixed at the counter, which makes the thefts not move the device easily. This reduces the risk of hardware loss of business operators.

Telpo C11, the 10.1-inch POS terminal combining flexibility and multifunctionality, is the cost-effective choice for businesses in all industries. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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