How to Create Safe Entrance Examination With Biometric Identification System?


China ushered the most special college entrance exam this year. Examinees and teachers are required to submit a health status report for 14 consecutive days before the exam, and they need to detect body temperature on that day. Besides, the biometric identification system and cheating prevention and control systems will be used to safeguard examination fairness.

How to Create Safe Entrance Examination With Biometric Identification System?cid=96

Examinees need to biometric identification.

Using a biometric identification device in the entrance examination room can accurately identify examinee's identification and improve verification efficiency. In the past, it took about 2 minutes to manually detect examinee paper identity documents. With a biometric identification device, it only takes a few seconds with even more accurate accuracy than manual verification.


To better solve tens of millions of examinees temperature detection and identity identification two major needs under epidemic normalization situation, Telpo launched biometric identification device TPS980T.

The device can not only support the face recognition verification method but also embed a contactless far-infrared automatic temperature measurement module. It can quickly identify examinees' identity and contactless automatic detect their temperature, which helps to create a safe examination room.

How to Create Safe Entrance Examination With Biometric Identification System?cid=96

Biometric identification device TPS980T

The entrance examination room can input the examinees' face information in advance. The biometric identification device will make on-site human witness comparison and identity verification automatically. Double verification of admission tickets and face recognition is conductive to prevent surrogate exam-taker cheating behaviors and ensure a fair environment.


In addition, data will be uploaded to the platform in real-time, so the biometric identification system timely statistics examinee numbers and conditions and intelligently export reports and upload relevant information.


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