Big News| Telpo Local Network Solution Release Officially


Informatization is a great trend of a modern economy and social development nowadays. The development and utilization of information resources is an important direction. Resource sharing, high-speed information transmission, collaborative office, remote access cannot separate from the local area network (LAN). As LAN application is very extensive, Telpo officially release Telpo local network solution to facilitate partner work.


Big News| Telpo Local Network Solution Release Officially

What Is LAN?


LAN is the abbreviation of the local area network, and users are only available to access the server from fix network in a fixed place. The network coverage area is generally within a few kilometers. With convenient installation and expansion, cost-saving, and so on characteristics, it is widely used in all kinds of offices.


Why should deploy a local network solution?


As data need not go through the Internet, data security can be greatly guaranteed. Furthermore, the server located at the local area network can quickly respond to all requests of APP. In the use procedure, properly maintain LAN network security can effectively protect data security and ensure LAN network normal and stable operation.

Big News| Telpo Local Network Solution Release Officially

What Is The Advantage Of Telpo Local Network Solution?


Telpo Face local network solutions include hardware, software, algorithm, and platform, which supports face ID registration, temperature detection, access control, data statistics, time attendance, and other functions.


Importantly, free and customized versions are available.


For the free version, it includes the Telpo logo and a maximum number of 200 users. The fast function response and absolutely private data is suitable for small companies with no more than 200 users.


For customized versions, it can provide a customized company logo, login background, maximum user number, and other contents. It is suitable for medium and large companies with more than 200 people to build brand characteristics.


How to Deploy Telpo LAN Version?


To start Telpo Face local network version, only need to install .exe installation package provided by Telpo in the Windows computer, which is easy to set up a company or small network internal server.


If you're interested in Telpo local network and want to know more details, please feel free to contact us.


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