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How to Care and Maintenance the POS Cash Register?

Oct. 17, 2019

Nowadays, various POS cash registers can be seen in the market. Even the operation or specification of those POS cash registers may be different but the care and maintenance of them are equal. Here are some tips on the care and maintenance of the cash register.

How to Care and Maintenance the POS Cash Register?cid=96

First, the appearance of the POS cash register should keep clean and no items are allowed to put on the machine. Pay attention to waterproof, dustproof and oil-proof.


Second, all relevant power transformers and UPS(Uninterrupted Power Supply) shall be placed separately to prevent the POS cash register from being burnt out due to high temperatures.


Third, the connection of the power line should be safe and fixed and should not move the machine and disassemble internal components at will. When the machine is power off, please wait for at least one minute to restart.


Fourth, regularly check the ink ribbon and printing paper and replace them in time, keeping the printer clean.

 How to Care and Maintenance the POS Cash Register?cid=96

Fifth, each store shall assign a clerk to be responsible for daily maintenance, including skillfully repair common faults, timely replace ink ribbon and ensure the normal operation of the machine.


Sixth, store principal should conduct an inspection on the operation and maintenance of each store from time to time. If there is any violation of the specific operating procedures, certain economic penalties shall be imposed.


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