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How to Choose Forehead Thermometer or Wrist Thermometer

Apr. 16, 2020

Affected by COVID-19, temperature screening has become a necessary means of prevention and control in relevant units, schools, supermarkets, and other public places. And contactless infrared thermometer is popular because of its safety, convenience, and other advantages. Forehead thermometer and wrist thermometer are two of the popular temperature methods. 

How to Choose Forehead Thermometer or Wrist Thermometer 

The working principle of the infrared thermometer is mainly to passively absorb target infrared radiation energy so as to obtain its temperature value. Therefore, temperature measurement will be affected by conditions including measurement distance, target emissivity, and ambient temperature. The choice between forehead thermometer and wrist thermometer has also become a difficult problem for people nowadays.


The expert believed that it will be better to detect forehead temperature at no wind environment. However, enterprises such as scenes with relatively stable indoor temperature, not only demand temperature measurement, but also access control, attendance and other scene requirements. Therefore, it is more appropriate to choose a device that provides authentication and forehead temperature measurement.

Just as Telpo face thermometer TPS980T, it can support detect forehead temperature and start real-time voice warning when abnormal body temperature is found. It will help the company quickly measure and select employees with a high fever. It also supports face recognition function. It means that forehead temperature and identification will be made simultaneously, realizing employee attendance and employee temperature measurement synchronously and reduce human contact time. 

How to Choose Forehead Thermometer or Wrist Thermometer

Moreover, it is convenient to install Telpo face thermometer and it supports multiple languages and wall-mounted, desktop and gate installation methods, making it flexibly installed in different locations to meet different scenes requirements.


For outdoor scenes with huge person flow and changeable temperatures, such as supermarkets and industrial parks, it is better to choose a wrist thermometer. Because wrist temperature shielded by clothing is relatively stable compared to the exposed forehead.

How to Choose Forehead Thermometer or Wrist Thermometer 

Telpo wrist thermometer TPS350 not only supports forehead and wrist temperature checked but also uses blackbody calibration for temperature measurement and control temperature error within ±0.3℃ in order to reduce the impact environment on temperature measurement accuracy. Furthermore, Telpo surface thermometer takes international leading temperature detection chip such as Heimann and Melexis, the millisecond response speed is effective to improve detection speed and traffic efficiency, and reduce personnel contact.

How to Choose Forehead Thermometer or Wrist Thermometer

Therefore, people can appropriately choose the forehead thermometer or wrist thermometer according to scene requirements and temperature.


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