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Japan Set Up JPQR to Accelerate Cashless Payment Progress

Jun. 20, 2020

JPQR, a unified QR code that can be used to unifying multiple QR codes will be introduced and put into use in July to promote cashless payment, Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Communication announced. Japan hopes to popularize it to 100,000 stores nationwide by the end of the year, thereby accelerating the adoption of cashless payments in Japanese society.

Japan Set Up JPQR to Accelerate Cashless Payment Progress

It is understood that the Japanese government has already put forward a cashless vision plan as early as 2018. In order to reduce the difficulty for merchants to open and accept mobile payment, Payments Japan Association has formulated JPQR standard, which is compatible with 11 QR codes including Union pay QR code. Merchants can accept multiple mobile payment products with one code.

The JPQR is conducive to improve the convenience of retail stores and consumers, thus promoting the popularization of cashless payment. And government attitude towards QR code payment is beneficial for shop owners as it can effectively reduce the circulation of counterfeit money and reduce cash potential virus in a way. Under such circumstances, a powerful QR code scanner is prominent.

Japan Set Up JPQR to Accelerate Cashless Payment Progress

The first face payment terminal that reported by Nilson Report and well-known around the world is produced by Telpo. And this time, Telpo developed QR code scanner TPS508 to accelerate Japan cashless payment process. Small size contains a powerful performance. It can be placed flexible as its small appearance and enables seamless connect 98% of the cashier system on the market, without any transformation, greatly reducing retailers’ input cost.

The super angle design and wider sweep range empower it triumphantly reading the payment code. Voice broadcast, light supplementary and receipt obtain triple guarantee customers secure payment.  


As the saying goes, if we can change how we pay, we certainly have the ability to change society as a whole. The vigorously advocate and support unify JPQR code will bring a positive effect on Japan's cashless payment progress.


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