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Pick Up At The Counter Or The Clerks Do Deliver? McDonald's Is Playing Smart Restaurant

Jun. 20, 2018



Nowadays, many fast food restaurants have adopted smart food ordering kiosk. By gently sliding on the screen, you can see a wide variety of menus. You can click on the food you want to eat. But McDonald's, a big restaurant chain, is certainly more than that.


When you enter a domestic McDonald's store, you are likely to see some machines erected next to the dining table. These are McDonald's smart ordering kiosk machines. Without the clerk's participation, customers can self-finish the ordering process. 4 steps to complete orders in the intelligent self-service kiosk machine: 

1. Select dishes classification - 2. Select dishes - 3. Select the dine-in or take away - 4. Select the payment methods, generally, support credit card and mobile phone QR-Code payment.


One of the options is more eye-catching: pick up at the counter or clerk catering? Because it is no one's self-help ordering, how does the clerk know which customers ordered which meals and where did they sit? It sounds complicated, but it is a simple application of smart hardware technology.


When the customer places an order, they will bring the linked RFID card associated with the order to their table. When the meal in the order is ready, the McDonald's staff will find the ordering customer through the RFID card and deliver the meal to them. These intelligent self-service meal terminals not only reduce labor costs but also reduce the error rate. In the peak of people flow, the speed of receiving meals can be accelerated.


In addition to clever devices, McDonald's also launched its own mobile software application " I McDonald's" applet, which has about 200,000 visits per day. On this basis, there are also a large number of new users, The average user stays for 30 seconds. And small programs regularly push coupons to consumers, giving consumers a reason to go back to stores.

The store connects the automatic points and exchanges of self-service meal ordering machine and APP and also becomes marketing portals for store users to promote.


Behind each purchase record of the user, it forms a unique portrait. Are you sweets or meat eaters? Which snacks and staples are more interested in? These small details are derived from the refined user tag identification technology behind the McDonald's applet.

Feng Lian, vice president of digitization business at McDonald's China, said that each customer opened the homepage of the I McDonald's, and the content presented may not be the same. "Based on the existing data, we will guess the customer's favorite service and will prioritize the corresponding entrance." 


Smart catering is not only a smart cashier and digital management of internal inventory but also a better experience for users. There is more room for imagination in the scenario and application of intelligent restaurant and retail.


Play with the smart self-service kiosk machine! McDonald's case has taught us that intelligence is more efficient and highly profitable in the long run.

And this intelligent automatic ordering machine is more and more popular in the catering industry, such as Starbucks, burger king and so on.

How to play smart ordering machine, Telpo provides solutions!

TPS700 Smart Food Ordering Machine


TPS700 is an Android self-service ordering kiosk, which can be hung on the wall or placed on the ground with the pedestal. The installation method is flexible and occupies less space of restaurants or retail stores.


Self-service Kiosk TPS700 also has biometrics. The TPS700 can add face recognition and infrared sensors according to customer requirements. Make ordering more efficient interaction, and face recognition payment can also facilitate the payment habits of customers.

In addition to ordering food, the Kiosk Machine TPS700 can also be used to better guide customers. It can also be used in booking office hall, business hall, etc.

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Apart from the self-service ordering machine, restaurants and cafeterias are now also written, and a flat-panel ordering screen or electronic menu is also used to display the menu at the cash register. It's also convenient, fast and takes up little space. Telpo Smart Cash Register TPS650 can serve with you.


Telpo is a smart terminal customization provider, with 11 years of experience, professional engineer supporting, to provide you with the most comprehensive retail catering solutions.


If there is any question about the catering intelligence program, ordering machine, please contact us.


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