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Portable Order Terminal Increases Ordering Food Efficiency

Mar. 09, 2020

As people's pace of life quicken and living standard further improves, their requirements for services are correspondingly enhanced. The rapid development of mobile Internet and continuous expansion of the smart terminal market have promoted mobile Internet + catering in-depth development. Portable order terminals are more in line with the actual needing of the catering industry, which not only reduce labor costs, improve restaurants' ordering food efficiency and operation efficiency, but also satisfies more customers' requirement.

Portable Order Terminal Increases Ordering Food Efficiency

The traditional ordering food form is that the waiter will introduce dishes to customers, record and hand it to the kitchen. Then the kitchen will arrange dishes according to dishes types and finally, the waiter will serve them for customers. This kind of traditional ordering is inefficient, which is prone to make wrong or miss orders, difficult to update dishes with little dish information and customers need to wait for a long time, which greatly reduces the operating efficiency of the restaurant.

Portable Order Terminal Increases Ordering Food Efficiency

It is understood that the portable order terminal can accurately focus on the current professional equipment requirements of ordering, receiving orders, payment, verification, member management, and various online business development. It will meet customers' requirements for ordering food efficiency and restaurant operation status, realizing intelligent, self-service and convenient ordering service.

Portable Order Terminal Increases Ordering Food Efficiency

Just like Telpo portable order terminal TPS320, it integrates order, reservation, extension, and management, helping the restaurant to realize online ordering, table reservation, e-menu browsing, and takeout delivery. Telpo portable order terminal is equipped with wrist strap, sling hole and large battery, which convenient waiters to carry and hold firmly at hand, and flexible to help customer order, checkout and print receipts at the table. Customers can also select self-service orders on their mobile phones in advance. Once they successfully payment, Telpo portable order terminal will receive the order synchronously, confirming it and print the receipt, and then inform the kitchen to make the dish, which will greatly save waiting time.

Portable Order Terminal Increases Ordering Food Efficiency

In addition, Telpo Retail supports the restaurant inventory management system that manages each order in the cloud platform. Restaurateurs can check the ordering data in the platform and improve the classification and recommendation module of the ordering system. Telpo Retail will also automatically generate charts to show the restaurant's recent operating benefits so that managers can keep track of restaurant operations.


With the rapid development of the mobile Internet and continuous expansion of the smart terminal market, the catering industry as a service industry and a consumption-oriented economic industry, has changed its operation and management methods with the times. The application of portable order terminals will greatly improve ordering food efficiency and operation efficiency of restaurants.


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