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Why Thermal Imaging Equipment Is So Popular Nowadays?

Mar. 08, 2020

It is reported that thermal imaging equipment became the hottest and popular terminal at the beginning of 2020 as governments and organizations rush to deploy them at airports, bus stations and other public gathering places with the outbreak of an epidemic.

What Is Thermal Camera?


All live objects can emit infrared energy or heat. Different from regular cameras that record light reflected by objects, thermal cameras use heat sensors that can record heat generated by the human body or an object to create a 2D image with different temperature levels.

Why Thermal Imaging Equipment Is So Popular Nowadays?

Why Thermal Imaging Equipment Is So Popular?


Novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) becomes a public health emergency of international concern, which makes temperature detection be an essential action to take at public gathering places. Thermal imaging equipment allows people to contactless detect body temperature and scans large crowds and spot people with high temperatures at a precise and fast speed. Once authorities identify suspected vectors, they can segregate them for further screening.

Why Thermal Imaging Equipment Is So Popular Nowadays?

Telpo's latest face recognition device combines touchless infrared temperature detection, which can measure forehead temperature and alarm abnormal temperature to detect hot patients in time.

How Telpo Thermal Imaging Equipment Work?


When a person stands before Telpo thermal imaging equipment, the infrared thermal cameras will automatically detect body temperature which temperature measurement error will be controlled within 0.3℃ and the temperature will synchronously display at the terminal screen. Once someone's body temperature detected is above normal temperature, the terminal will notice and start alarm mode. 

Where Telpo thermal imaging equipment can be used?

Companies in the manufacturing and automotive sectors will use thermal cameras to check machines and equipment that might be at risk of catching fire. Law enforcement agencies and militaries will use it to detect target groups, such as Korean use it to detect enemy soldiers in the dark and Minneapolis police use it to detect thieves.

Why Thermal Imaging Equipment Is So Popular Nowadays?

Telpo's thermal imaging terminal is mainly used for rapid one-to-one temperature checking. The terminal integrates the functions of face inspection, so it is suitable for flow control and disease prevention in certain scenarios, such as customs quarantine, airport health control, subway stations, offices, bus stations, etc.


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