5 Questions To Ask Your Supplier Before Purchasing Ticket Validators


Public transit operators have been paying more attention to improving public transport quality and passenger satisfaction. It should be a careful decision to select a suitable ticket validator manufacturer as a supplier. Asking the supplier the following 5 questions may help you avoid detours.

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Question 1: Can the ticket validator accept mobile payments?

As payment technology develops, payment options are more diverse. Instead of using cash, more passengers are turning to digital payments. By using mobile payments, there is no need for passengers to carry fares, transit cards or the right amount of cash. Instead, they are able to pay for their fares just with what they have in their pockets or just with their faces. In a word, the more payment options the ticket validator offers, the more convenience can be provided for customers and thus more satisfaction can be achieved.

Question 2: Is the ticket validator easy to install?

Many people may overlook the importance of easy installation and maintenance. Ease of installation means less training for maintenance personnels and less time spent on installing. It also takes less time to troubleshoot, remove, and replace terminals if the ticket validator breaks down. Therefore, it makes less impact on the normal operation of buses.

Question 3: Is the user interface intuitive?

Don’t underestimate the intuitive user interface, which plays an important role in reducing on-boarding time. Imagine that when you are not sure whether you have paid for your fares, will you stop to confirm or move forward without looking back? I believe that most passengers will choose the former. An intuitive user interface won’t let situation happen. With fare information displayed on the HD screen, passengers can clearly know the payment situation and quickly pass. By the way, a ticket validator with a big HD screen and voice prompt would be more user-friendly.

Question 4: Is the ticket validator robust enough?

The vehicle environment is much harsher and more complex than the ordinary environment, which puts forward a higher requirement for the protection level of ticket validators. Can the validator work properly when the bus is running on a bumpy road? Can it withstand the heat on the bus in the summer? Does it have a high enough impact-proof level to counter the impact?

Question 5: Is the ticket validator performant enough?

The performance of the car validator decides fluency and efficiency. The higher the performance is, the smoother the validator runs. The bigger the memory is, the more data it can store. What’s more, high performance helps transit operators conduct secondary development.

The 5 questions above can be a reliable inspector to judge whether a ticket validator is suitable or not.

As a validator supplier, Telpo gives its answers as follows.

Telpo T20 is a ticket validator designed for being used for automatic fare collection in public transportation.

Accept all payments. Telpo T20 can offer a variety of mobile payments, including paper tickets, transit cards, contactless bank cards, QR codes, face recognition, etc. With rich payment options, passengers can enjoy a seamless experience.

Easy installation and maintenance. By adopting the pole mount kit, ease of installation is ensured. The quick release mechanism also guarantees ease of maintenance.

7-inch HD screen, indicator lights and audio reminder bring passengers an intuitive experience. Telpo T20 gives passengers clear signals to let them know whether they have paid successfully.

Leading protection level. Compared to other ticket validators, Telpo T20 has a high protection level. It is robust enough with IP65 waterproof and dustproof, IK08 impact-proof, anti-static, and strong temperature resistance.

Superior performance. Running on Android 10 OS and Quad Core Processor, Telpo T20 delivers superb fast processing. The 2GB DDR + 16GB eMMC memory guarantees smooth operation.


Founded in 1999, Telpo is a world-leading smart terminal and solution provider. Telpo products have served customers from 120+ countries and won wide recognition. To create a colorful future, Telpo has been on the road. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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