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Russian Supermarket Perfects Biometric Payment Service

Jan. 24, 2019

Russian Supermarket Perfects Biometric Payment Service

The largest bank of Russia, Sberbank, and supermarket Azbuka Vkusa has cooperated and rolled out biometric fingerprint POS terminals. Nearly 20 Azbuka Vkusa supermarkets have used this payment service and will be added to more locations.

Russian Supermarket Perfects Biometric Payment Service

In the past, Russians could only use fingerprints in supermarkets where they had registered biometric details. Now, Russian residents use their fingerprints to shop at any Azbuka Vkusa (AV) supermarket with biometric POS terminals, no matter where they register for the service.

Easier to register the service and start using it

After the quick registration process at checkout, the customer attaches two fingerprints to the Visa or MasterCard bank card and confirms the registration by coming up a password. Then, payment can be made at all stores with biometric POS terminals by scanning the fingerprint and confirming the transaction with a password. It is not necessary to use a credit card or smartphone. With rolling out the service, two-factor payment (biometrics and passwords) is required to ensure additional reliability and security.

Russian Supermarket Perfects Biometric Payment Service

The leaders of Sberbank and Azbuka Vkusa are pleased with the combination of biometrics tools and payment terminals and indicate that biometric POS terminals will play an important role in the safety and efficiency of retail payments in Russia.

Svetlana Kirsanova, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Sberbank and Head of the Retail Business Block, said“Sberbank continues to carry out its strategy to deploy biometric identification tools in banking processes. Using biometrics in merchant acquiring not only lets people make payments without physical carriers, such as cards, smartphones, and other gadgets, but also paves the way for new innovative customer service scenarios at retail chains.”

Russian Supermarket Perfects Biometric Payment Service

Georgy Mikhailov, Vice President for IT and Innovation at Azbuka Vkusa, said“Azbuka Vkusa makes every effort to provide its clients with innovations that make their shopping experience as comfortable as possible. Thanks to technology, biometric payments have already become part of everyday consumer behaviour. Increasing the number of stores that have biometric POS terminals will make the payment process fast, convenient and highly secure.”

In 2019, it is planned to install biometric POS terminals at all Azbuka Vkusa supermarkets and AV Daily minimarkets located within Moscow’s Third Ring Road. 

Russian Supermarket Perfects Biometric Payment Service

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