New Self Ordering Kiosk K30 Elevates In-Store Experience


New Product| Self Ordering Kiosk K30 Elevates In-Store Experience

Nowadays, the demand for social distancing and self-service are driving contactless technologies and self-service kiosks throughout many industries around the world. Against this backdrop, Telpo Self Ordering Kiosk K30 is designed to eliminate in-store queuing, increase the serving speed as well as provide a more delightful experience.

32-inch Large Screen

Designing an easy-to-use kiosk that is both attractive and functional is our goal. That's the reason why the Self Ordering Kiosk adopts a 32-inch large screen, 1080*1920 resolution as well as an intuitive interface to display vivid information and enhance visual enjoyment. The G+G ten-point touch allows user to freely use their fingers, flexibly operate the kiosk, and enjoy the best-in-class ordering experience.

User-friendly Design

In line with the aesthetic-usability and ergonomic concept, from the appearance, size to the height, every detail of the Self Ordering Kiosk delivers an easier, effective, and more comfortable operation effect. Moreover, floor-stand or wall-mounted bracket, as well as the height adjustment is available, which is convenient for different heights of people to use.

Speedy Print

An advanced printer is a stable guarantee for high-quality receipt printing. Equipped with a professional 80mm printer with an auto-cutter, the Self Ordering Kiosk can not only ensure clear receipt content but also able to reduce waiting time with 170mm/s printing speed .

Self Ordering Kiosk


Integrating QR code scanner, contactless reader, external EFT-POS, users can choose their preferred payment methods such as QR pay, NFC/IC payment, etc through the Self Ordering Kiosk . It is conducive to satisfying different users' payment habits and elevating their payment experience.

Excellent Performance

In virtue of the open, free, accessible feature, The Android operating system combines with the leading processor to empower the Self Ordering Kiosk with excellent performance, smooth operation as well as easy secondary development.

Full Connection

Stable and in-time data transmission is significant at every place. Full communications include WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, LTE, etc. push the Self Ordering Kiosk communication to the next level. It is suitable to be used at a fast-food restaurant, coffee shop, shopping center, supermarket, and other scenes.

Accurate Marketing

Single-lens/dual-lens/3D depth-sensing camera (optional) supports liveness detection, accurate face recognition and vivid interaction. That means the Self Ordering Kiosk allows users to register or login in and obtain membership benefits by scanning his face. In this way, it is easy to make accurate marketing, promote member loyalty and stimulate further consumption.

If you want to provide a best-in-class customer experience at your store, you can start it by introducing the Self Ordering Kiosk . It will bring you surprises that you might never imagine.

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